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IRL streamer Jinnytty risks Twitch ban after streaming in a restricted area

Popular IRL Twitch streamer, Jinnytty, could risk getting the ban hammer after she lied to UK security personnel about streaming in a restricted area of The Shard in London.
Popular IRL Twitch streamer, Jinny (otherwise known as "Jinnytty") is known to embark on epic adventures across the world. It certainly goes without saying that she has encountered several strange characters along the way. In July, Jinny was enticed to get in on the Twitch hot tub meta by a group of kids in New York and nearly found herself trafficked that same month!

More recently, however, Jinny came under fire after she was caught filming in the lower levels of The Shard building in London without permission. While it's hard to tell whether Jinny knew she was filming in a restricted area, the incident earned her tremendous backlash from the Twitch community for doing so.

Jinnytty risks Twitch ban after lying to UK security about streaming

The incident took place during Jinny's latest stream on 17th September. In the now-deleted VOD, Jinny was approached by a UK security officer and was asked whether she was recording. At first, Jinny played ignorant when asked whether she was recording or not but later lied after being asked the question repeatedly by the same officer.

IRL Twitch streamer faces potential Twitch ban after lying to UK security about filming inside The Shard
IRL Twitch streamer faces potential Twitch ban after lying to UK security about filming inside The Shard. (Picture: Twitch / Jinnytty)

Indeed, Jinny was in fact, recording, given that she was live streaming live to the thousands of Twitch viewers watching her. The security officer then asked her what she was doing, and Jinny explained by saying: "I'm a live streamer, so I was going to film when I go upstairs." The security officer didn't appear to believe her and instructed her to delete anything she recorded, which she later did.

This ended the ordeal but would soon trigger heated commentary from users on the internet. You can watch the incident in the video below.

The resounding sentiment that many disgruntled individuals on Reddit had in response to this incident was that Jinny had violated Twitch's rules.

In particular, they highlighted the section regarding "Prohibited Conduct" in the Twitch Terms of Service, which reads as follows:

"You agree that you will comply with these Terms of Service and Twitch’s Community Guidelines and will not: (i) create, upload, transmit, distribute, or store any content that is inaccurate, unlawful, infringing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, harassing, threatening, abusive, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable."

Jinny lies to UK security officer after illegally filming inside of London's Shard building
Jinny lies to UK security officer after illegally filming inside of London's Shard building. (Picture: Twitch / Jinnytty)

While these accusations may sound outlandish, these users may actually be right. Filming is only permitted on the upper levels of The Shard but not at the lower levels. Jinny started streaming from the lobby, which would be deemed to have been unlawful.

Jinny's Twitch account does not appear to have been banned (yet), but we endeavor to update you on any further developments regarding this story.


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Feature image courtesy of Twitch / Jinnytty.