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JustaMinx in hot water over viral “sexual” hot tub moment

A viral hot tub moment involving strippers is drawing mass criticism to Twitch streamer, JustaMinx and Team Envy housemates.
JustaMinx in hot water over viral “sexual” hot tub moment

Update on 31st January: Minx has responded to backlash over the controversial hot tub drama.

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After CodeMiko's elevator prank had gone horribly wrong, Twitch streamer JustaMinx found herself in hot water (literally) during her latest, now-deleted IRL stream. The variety streamer hosted a party at the Envy Gaming mansion with the Botez sisters, Miko, Mia Malkova and guests.

Some of the guests were unknown at the time of writing; however, reports claim that many were strippers. So while her stream may have possibly been doomed from the beginning, it eventually spiralled when the streamer and the strippers took the party into the hot tub.

JustaMinx criticised over "sexual" hot tub stream

During the IRL party stream, JustaMinx found herself in a hot tub with a few strippers who proceeded to dance inside and around the hot tub in their bikinis. 

The Twitch streamer, who looked bewildered by the events that had happened, could do nothing but watch on in surprise as guests proceeded to twerk and air hump inanimate objects in the background.

NSFW Warning: The following clip might not be suitable for young audiences.

Naturally, several clips from the hot tub stream eventually made their way to various online and social media platforms, including Reddit and Imgur.

Many internet users expressed anger and disapproval with the variety streamer, noting that she directly violated Twitch's Community Guidelines for streaming content of a sexual nature.

Some users quickly pointed out a few moments in the VOD where the stripper proceeded to twerk onstream and later when she spread her legs "wide open". One Reddit user drew comparisons between Minx's hot tub stream to a popular sandbox game, Grand Theft Auto.

Another Reddit user wrote, "I find it a little disturbing that Envy signs four female streamers who got successful without doing anything lewd or sexual and now all I see in this house are hot tub streams."

However, a few Redditors came to Minx's defence after one user wondered why Minx couldn't have "fun" on the platform. "I love how you can literally post a clip of people having harmless fun, and people will b*tch about it on LSF. Like she's shaking her a** to Crazy Frog, and you're over here like 'Isn't that TOS?' Like who cares? This doesn't hurt anyone, and they [are] just having fun."

justaminx twitch variety streamer envy selfie twitter hot tub stream
The Envy streamer has come under fire for her recent hot tub stream. (Picture: Twitter / JustaMinx)

While the majority of responses to Minx's hot tub stream were mainly against her actions, more critics have come out to support the streamer. Some have pointed out the recent spat of misogynistic comments made towards female streamers and content creators on the platforms.

"Isn't it so strange that it's only the female sexy stuff that gets the 'Where's the gaming' complaints... none of the other non-gaming stuff, nor even when guys are doing the equivalent…," Reddit user arandomusertoo wrote.

justaminx twitch variety streamer envy hot tub stream
The streamer has received some support in light of the recent hot tub stream which has gone viral. (Picture: Reddit / arandomusetoo)

While it appears unclear whether Minx deliberately violated Twitch's Community Guidelines regarding the recent stream, the clipped moment will continue to remain viral online.

On a different note, it also speaks to the type of content Twitch allows on the platform. For example, in a separate incident, a CS:GO streamer decided to (and without warning) get fully naked and shave his genitals live on stream. Yet, the streamer was only given a three-day ban for his actions.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch & Twitter / JustaMinx.