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Kaceytron claims Twitch is biased for banning Hasan over "cracker" controversy

Twitch streamer Kaceytron recently gave her take on Hasan's "cracker" controversy and criticised Twitch for only "protecting white men" but disregarding minorities and women.
Popular Twitch streamer Kaceytron recently spoke out about Hasan "Hasanabi" Piker's Twitch ban, condemning the Amazon-owned platform for their seemingly "biased" decision. Hasan previously revealed that Twitch banned him for using the word "cracker" during his livestream, which many people regard as a hateful, racial slur.

Kaceytron on Twitch banning users for saying "cracker"

During her 15th December Twitch livestream, Kaceytron explained that Twitch is always ready to issue bans that "protect white men", but when it comes to minorities or women, they can "get f***ked."

Kaceytron shares her opinion on Hasan "cracker" drama Twitch ban
Kaceytron shares her opinion on Hasan "cracker" drama Twitch ban. (Picture: Twitch / Kaceytron)

"It reminds me of last year just how Twitch was like, you know, so f**king ready for banning people for saying 'incel' and 'virgin.' It just seems like Twitch is always so f**king ready to rise to the occasion when it's to protect white men," Kaceytron said.

The Twitch star continued, adding, "But if it's minorities, women, whoever else, they can get f**ked, and it honestly pisses me off."

Kaceytron further explained that she has dealt with sexism "for years" and expressed how it infuriates her that Twitch is banning people for using the word "cracker."

"I have been called a f**king sl*t, a wh*re, a gold-digging h*e, an e-sl*t, you know, every f**king offensive thing that you can think to say towards a woman, I have been called that on this platform."

Kaceytron's outburst over Hasan's "cracker" controversy subsequently sparked an immense discussion between users on Reddit.

Followingly, most Reddit users appear to disagree with Kaceytron and instead speculated that Hasan was stunlocked on the matter, which ultimately prompted Twitch to silence him.

"Hot take: Twitch wasn't 'ready to ban for saying c....,' it was just that Hassan kept pressing the 'don't press' button [and was] stunlocked [...] on the same topic and started getting negative attention for it, so Twitch just said shut up," one Redditor said.

Another Reddit user reciprocated this sentiment, saying, "Seriously, they kept nudging him like, hey, we banning the VODs maybe ease a bit. Hasan, we [are] giving you like three days to get it out. Can you chill now? Alright, gotta do it."

Kaceytron claims that Twitch is biased against minorities and women.
Kaceytron claims that Twitch is biased against minorities and women. (Twitch / Kaceytron)

However, Kaceyron clearly doesn't feel the same way and argued that the ban highlights Twitch's inherent bias against minorities on the platform.

What is your take on the matter? Do you agree with Kaceytron? Be sure to share your thoughts with us on Twitter.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Kaceytron.