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Ludwig subathon has streamer racing to most subbed Twitch channel

Ludwig Ahgren' "endless stream" enters its 6th day, with the streamer on course to become the most subbed content creator on the platform.
Ludwig subathon has streamer racing to most subbed Twitch channel

For Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren, what begun as a small challenge is now slowly becoming his life.

The 25-year-old streamer started his subathon on Sunday, 14th March, which he expected to last between 24 and 48 hours, but we are now on the sixth day of his seemingly neverending stream.

If you are not familiar with the term "subathon", it is basically a marathon streaming session that typically involves some challenges, where a streamer will set a certain goal, let's say, 500 new subscribers, and upon achieving that goal they will do what they've said in the challenge (or stop doing something in Ludwig's case).

ludwig subathon subs count recordLudwig used to be a pro Smash player, but later switched to full-time streaming (Picture: Ludwig)

Ludwig started his subathon with a set amount of time, but the catch is that 10 seconds are being added to the timer whenever someone subscribes to his channel. And of course, people quickly started gathering around the idea to see how long he can go. Already well-known and popular in streaming, word quickly spread and at the time of writing, he gained over 50,000 new subscribers in just 5 days.

His average daily number of new subscribers was between 500 and 1000, but since the subathon started last Sunday, he was averaging 10,000 new subs on a daily basis.

This currently puts him in second place on the list of channels with the most subscribers, with only RanbooLive being above him. According to TwitchTracker, RanbooLive currently has around ~99,500 subs, while Ludwig has accumulated over 81,000 subs.

If he continues to get 10,000 new subs per day on average, Ludwig will probably surpass RanbooLive's count by Sunday, less than a week since his subathon started.

luwdwig SUBATHON sleeping subs count
During this period Ludwig often chills and watch some content with his viewers (Picture: Ludwig)

During this period Ludwig has been streaming almost every part of his life, from sleeping and chilling out, to making food, eating, working out, hanging out with his friends and even showering (with shorts on). His roommates and his girlfriend are there to help him produce more content and simply to go through everything, and his mods are helping him by watching the channel while he is doing other activities or sleeping.

While he sleeps, some other content is usually shown (picture in picture) so that people can have something to watch while simultaneously watching him sleeps. Idle (sleeping, etc) streams were forbidden in the past, but given the growth of Twitch and shift of focus on "real life" activities, sleeping streams are now perfectly fine, and Twitch even wished him goodnight a few days ago.

At this point, it seems almost inevitable that many records will be broken, and the question is not if he will become the most subbed channel on Twitch, but what will happen after he achieves that? Will people continue to subscribe to him and prolong this experiment as long as they can? When will the timer finally run out?

At the time of writing, the timer shows 69 hours and it is still going up at a relatively fast rate, which means that he still has at least 3 full days of streaming, but we doubt that it will stop there.

If you are interested in witnessing streaming history, you can check out Ludwig's Twitch channel for yourself.