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Ludwig subathon: How much money will the Twitch star make?

It appears that despite popular opinion, Twitch star Ludwig won't be making a lot of money from his subathon as the streamer reveals all the costs involved.
Ludwig subathon: How much money will the Twitch star make?

Ludwig's subathon (basically subscriber marathon) started on 14th March 2021, and at the time of writing, it is still going strong. With 11 days of constant streaming, and becoming the most-subscribed Twitch channel recently, breaking the 100,000 subscriber milestone, some might think Ludwig will be making a lot of money. However, Ludwig has recently revealed how much money he will make from the Twitch subathon, and it is not nearly as much as you might think.

How much money will Ludwig get from subathon?

Recently, Ludwig revealed how much money he would make from the subathon if he stopped at just over 470,000 USD and 10 days of streaming on Twitch.

While that lump sum seems like a whole lot of money, if you factor in all the costs, Ludwig revealed he could walk away with as little as 3,000 USD but also mentioned it will likely be closer to 10,000 USD.

ludwig subathon money twitch streamer(Picture: Ludwig)

At over 470,000 USD, Twitch's cut would be roughly 35%, followed by Californian state taxes, which will take away another 150,000 USD.

Ludwig also pledged 1 USD for every Twitch subscriber he gains (over 80,000 so far) during the subathon and will pay his mods 5000 USD a day. All in all, according to Ludwig's calculations on day 10 of the subathon, this leaves him with 3,000 USD for himself. 


It remains to be seen when Ludwig's subathon will actually end. At the time of writing, on 25th March at 07:00 GMT, there are still 29 hours left to go. Keep in mind that for each subscriber gained, another 10 seconds gets added to the time. 

While the total amount of money made from the subathon will likely be over 500,000 USD or even much more, Ludwig's cut after charity, mod salaries, Twitch's cut and more will likely be in the 10,000 USD range.

Check out his Twitch stream which is still raging on below.