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Mitch Jones Denies Trying To "Cancel" Mizkif Amid Alleged Sexual Assault Cover Up

Twitch streamer Mitch Jones was questioned if his confession about Mizkif was an attempt to "cancel" him; he denied these claims.
Mitch Jones Denies Trying To "Cancel" Mizkif Amid Alleged Sexual Assault Cover Up

On 19th September 2022, Adrianah Lee’s sexual assault and harassment allegations against CrazySlick resurfaced after Tyler "Trainwreck" Nicknam called out Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo on Twitter for allegedly covering up the incident. Since then, Maya Higa, Félix “xQc” Lengyel, Emily “Emiru Schunk, and many more Twitch streamers have weighed in on the situation.

One of those streamers was Mitch Jones, who spoke about the incident and was reportedly present when Mizkif allegedly covered up the sexual assault and gaslighted Adrianah Lee. Following his remarks, Mitch spoke out about the controversy again on 22nd October 2022 in a Twitch Livestream. However, when questioned about whether he was trying “to cancel Mizkif,” Mitch immediately denied those claims.

Mitch Jones Claims Mizkif Told Him To "Stay Quiet"

mitch jones denied claims tried cancel mizkif
Mitch Jones denied claims stating he tried to "cancel" Mizkif. (Picture: Twitch via Mitch Jones)

On 22nd October 2022, Mitch was streaming World of Warcraft and simply playing and enjoying the game when he noticed things happening in his Twitch chat. After looking through the comments, the streamer noticed some people were getting timed out, presumably by moderators, but Mitch didn’t understand why it was happening.

Upon further investigation, Mitch read a comment regarding the recent events that occurred in September involving Adrianah Lee’s resurfaced allegations and his confession about Mizkif. The comment came from a timed-out user and read, “Hey Mitch, I hate you for trying to cancel Mizkif. You’re a rat, and I hope you lose everything.”

Immediately after reading this comment, Mitch Jones shouted, “I didn’t try to cancel Mizkif. Dude, I don’t know if I can sit on this any longer. You know, Mizkif has asked me to stay quiet, but I just don’t know if I can. I actually don’t know if I can. I’m so sick of this sh*t. I’m actually so sick of this sh*t.”

Following this statement, Mitch moved on to playing World of Warcraft again without ever speaking on the subject. Despite this, some users were still questioning the streamer over what he’d meant after stating, Mizkif had asked him to “stay quiet.” 

mitch jones mizkif told him stay quiet about controversy
Mitch Jones stated, Mizkif told him to "stay quiet" about the recent controversy. (Picture: Instagram via Mizkif)

With Mizkif returning to streaming again on 10th October 2022, it’s debatable that whatever Mitch wants to confess or discuss regarding the incident will most likely stir up more controversy -- one that could force Mizkif to leave Twitch permanently. 

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch via Mitch Jones and Instagram via Mizkif.