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Mizkif set to cancel Schooled after streamer cheats in $50k competition

Mizkif feels he's "done" following all controversies and cheating scandals surrounding OTK Schooled. "That was it."
Mizkif set to cancel Schooled after streamer cheats in $50k competition
Another day, another cheating scandal mars the OTK Schooled quiz show hosted by Twitch streamer and One True King co-founder Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo.

This time, things might have reached a boiling point for Mizkif, as he's revealed OTK Schooled could be done for good following a cheating confession made by Smash Bros caster and content creator Phil "EEVisu" Visu.

On 25th April, EE revealed via social media that he had used his phone to get the answers to some questions asked on OTK Schooled, handing him the win against Emily "ExtraEmily" Xuechun.

"Temptation creeped up on me," EE tweeted out, mentioning that a $50k prize was too hard to let pass.

Mizkif could cancel OTK Schooled 

mizkif cheating
Mizkif is tired of all the cheating in OTK Schooled. (Picture: Mizkif)

Despite fellow One True King co-founder Esfand responding to EEVisu's confession, explaining that there are no "hard feelings" between the organisation and the Smash Bros caster, Mizkif admitted the constant controversies surrounding OTK Schooled have him considering dropping the project for good. 

After Mizkif awarded ExtraEmily the victory and the $50k prize once EE outed himself out, the streamer revealed his intentions to possibly stop with the trivia show that's been marred with controversy since the very beginning. 

"[It's] sad because I really want to make good shows but I just can't do this anymore. I'm over it. That was it. I'm done with this show," Mizkif said via Twitch messages according to Dot Esports

Is OTK Schooled cancelled?

hungrybox schooled
Smash Bros legend, streamer, and Team Liquid co-owner Hungrybox won season 1 of Schooled. (Picture: Schooled)

While Mizkif's decision is not yet official, it's completely understandable that the streamer feels inclined to put an end to Schooled.

Despite being only in its second season, the trivia show has seen plenty of cheating allegations. Perhaps the most notorious cases happened during season 1, with Kaceytron admitting to cheating early on.

Content creator BruceDropEmOff also confessed to cheating in an episode of Schooled, which led to him being the victim of racial abuse via Twitter DMs and Twitch messages.

At some point, even controversial hot tub trend-setter Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Michelle was accused of cheating, however, she denied all allegations made against her.

If the show's second season ends up being its last one, it'll be a missed piece of content on Twitch, as it was not only fun and entertaining but also highly educational. A perfect combination for a young, impressionable audience that idolises streamers. 


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Featured image courtesy of Mizkif.