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NICKMERCS misfires while looking for toxic Twitch chat with hilarious outcome

In a recent Call of Duty: Warzone stream on Twitch, NICKMERCS had a bit of a misfire when looking for toxic chat, finding the wrong person to shame mods with.
Famous Twitch streamer, YouTube content creator and FaZe Clan member Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff is best known for his great warzone content. He always isn't one to stay quiet when he thinks something is wrong. However, NICKMERCS had a bit of a misfire when looking for someone who writes toxic Twitch messages, finding the worst person possible to get his point across.

NICKMERCS misfires looking for a toxic user

Everyone and their cat knows how toxic Twitch chat can become, from spam to inappropriate messages. In a recent Twitch stream, NICKMERS was between Warzone matches and decided to make a point.

According to NICKMERCS, some Twitch moderators aren't doing their jobs, and they should be perma-banning more users as his chat is full of trolls. 

NICKMERCS misfires toxic twitch chat mods(Picture: NICKMERCS)

To make his point, NICKMERCS saught out a random user and went through the user's message history, confident he would find some toxic Twitch chat.

NICKMERCS scrolled down to find a user going by the name of Hellboy297412 who asked: "Where's the mods."

Confident this would be a troll, NICKMERCS opened up the user's profile but this user was, compared to many others on Twitch, a saint...

NICKMERCS read some of the user's comments, which were al extremely pleasant, from "good morning to everyone and NICKMERCS" to "this is the best part of the day" and "good morning to all".

NICKMERCS definitely misfired here, and you can see him feel a bit embarrassed in the clip above. 

The famous Warzone streamer then continued by acknowledging his mistake, saying "that's a misfire, that's a misfire" and greeting the very pleasant user called Hellboy297412.