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Optic MBoZe threatened to beat up Penta over GTA RP drama

Optic Gaming content creator and Call of Duty pro player MBoZe recently threatened Twitch streamer Penta with violence after GTA roleplay drama involving FaZe ZooMaa spilt over into real-life.
Optic MBoZe threatened to beat up Penta over GTA RP drama

On 14th January 2022, retired Call of Duty esports player and FaZe Clan content creator, Thomas "ZooMaa" Paparatto, got into a heated argument with popular Grand Theft Auto roleplay Twitch streamer Penta.

After an altercation involving the two sparked on the NoPixel server, Penta proceeded to call out ZooMaa's behaviour, citing that it's presumably due to being raised by a "sh*tty single mother." So naturally, the former COD pro hit back, triggering a back-and-forth on Twitter.

Fellow COD pro and Optic Gaming content creator Marcus "MBoZe" Blanks Jr later chirped in, threatening to pay people to assault Penta during his next IRL stream.

Optic pro threatens streamer with violence over GTA RP drama

During a 14th January Twitch stream, Penta said, "Soy adults that can't contain their emotions [were] probably raised by sh*tty single mothers that told them their whole life 'it's okay, you're just competitive'."

Followingly, ZooMaa responded in a now-deleted Twitter post, saying, "Who the f*ck do you think you are? Getting mad over a game is one thing, but [making] comments about my mother? Go f*ck yourself. You wouldn't know what it's like growing up with a single mother just getting by."

Penta and FaZe ZooMaa GTA RP drama spills into real-life
Penta and FaZe ZooMaa GTA RP drama spill into real-life. (Picture: Twitter)

Penta then doubled down, saying, "F*ck you and your mother."

Later, Optic's MBoze commented, writing, "Next IRL stream [Penta] does, all we gotta do is drop that sac [cash emote] COD fan [and] knock his a** out. We gonna tap back in."

Optic's MBoZe threatens to have Penta beat up over FaZe ZooMaa GTA RP drama
Optic's MBoZe threatens to have Penta beat up over GTA RP drama. (Picture: Twitter)

Naturally, the NoPixel streamer did not take kindly to this and accused the Optic content creator of putting "a hit" on him over his altercation with FaZe ZooMaa.

"In case anyone is wondering [what] the state of RP [is] on Twitch, MBoZe just openly put a hit out on me on Twitter (real)," said Penta. "God damn, you playing state trooper in real life too!?" replied MBoZe.

While MBoZe's comment was presumably not meant to be taken literally, it has sparked waves of criticism regarding the pro's toxic behaviour by fans on Reddit.

Indeed, toxicity is arguably ingrained in COD culture; however, many believe that MBoZe's tweet was unnecessary. Moreover, threatening violence of any kind onto others is not in keeping with the spirit of esports.

At the time of writing, Optic Gaming has not issued any official statement in response to the content creator's behaviour; however, we should expect that they will take appropriate disciplinary action soon.


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Featured image courtesy of FaZe Clan, Twitch / Penta_Live and OpTic Gaming.