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OpTic Gaming Signs CodeMiko, JustaMinx, and Botez Sisters

OpTic Gaming has signed the Botez Sisters, Rebecca “JustaMinx,” and Youna “CodeMiko” Kang, one of the biggest female groups in esports.
OpTic Gaming Signs CodeMiko, JustaMinx, and Botez Sisters

Nowadays, esports organizations are signing all sorts of people, from traditional esports players to influencers stemming from different industries to content creators and streamers on Twitch and YouTube. But in the most recent news, OpTic Gaming has acquired four of the most prominent female content creators worldwide.

On 24th August, OpTic Gaming announced its signing of the Botez Sisters, Alexandra and Andrea Botez, Rebecca "JustaMinx," and Youna "CodeMiko" Kang, making the organization one of the most watched female groups worldwide. 

CodeMiko, JustaMinx, and Botez Sisters Join Optic Gaming

OpTic Gaming esports organization most prominent female group creators worldwide
OpTic Gaming instantly became the esports organization with the most prominent female group of creators worldwide. (Picture: Twitter / OpTic Gaming)

The announcement came after OpTic Gaming Tweeted that it's acquired and signed the four content creators and online personalities.

Although the Botez Sisters, CodeMiko, and JustaMinx all previously came from Envy, which is technically OpTic Gaming, it's assumable it was done to reflect the organization's recent changes and interests.

Either way, Envy or OpTic Gaming, all four individuals, make up a massive roster of impeccable talent the organization has under its name.

The Botez Sisters are Canadian-Romanian chess players, Twitch streamers, and YouTubers who've grown a community of millions and amassed even more views through their content online.

Their Twitch channel, BotezLive, holds 1.1 million followers, while their YouTube channel holds nearly 900 thousand views.

Together, the sisters have over 1 million followers on Instagram and remain one of the best female chess players in the world.

four individuals millions followers social media
All four individuals collectively comprise millions of followers across almost every social media platform. (Picture: Twitter / OpTic Gaming)

On the more technical side of things, CodeMiko, known for her 3D virtual persona and the digital world she's created on YouTube, has amazed viewers online through the intricate yet hilarious videos the content creator produced. Altogether, CodeMiko has nearly 500 thousand followers on YouTube and over 100 thousand on Twitter.

Last but not least, JustaMinx, an Irish YouTuber and Twitch content creator who's cultivated a community of supporting members and appeared on the notable Austin's Show Love or Host, continues to achieve new feats as an entertaining creator. On Twitch, JustaMinx has amassed 2 million followers and 1.2 million on Instagram. 

All four of these talented, entertaining individuals bring millions of followers to the table, and it's not hard to presume billions of views since they all started producing content.

Although OpTic Gaming's signing seems to be a reprocessed contract representing its new interests after the acquisition of Envy Gaming, the organization has the most prominent female groups worldwide as a part of its content creation team. And that's, in and of itself, a massive banner to hold over competitors.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / OpTic Gaming.