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Shroud reveals that he'll be taking a break from New World

The Twitch streamer revealed onstream that he needs a break from the game, citing how it "broke" him.
Shroud reveals that he'll be taking a break from New World

Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek has been one of the few streamers that have continued to take over the MMO space with his New World livestreams. The Twitch streamer had been playing since the game’s launch as he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Recently, he announced during a livestream that he’ll be taking some time away from the MMO. This decision comes as the Twitch streamer explained how the amount of time playing the game “literally broke” him.

New World "broke" Shroud

Shroud has made it known that New World has been one of his favourite games to stream lately. But, the Twitch streamer explained in a recent Twitch stream that he’ll be taking a step back for a few days after putting countless hours into the game.

“I really needed to take a week off because I looked at my hours, and it was insane. New World literally broke me,” the streamer said.

Shroud was not lying when he referred to his hours streaming New World. According to TwitchTracker, Shroud has been streaming New World for nearly 300 hours, dating back to the game’s September release.

new world mmo shroud streaming hours twitchtrackerscreenshot
Shroud has played close to 300 hours of New World onstream since the game's launch. (Picture: Twitchtracker)

While the figures are astronomical for Shroud, he does deserve some time off from the game and maybe streaming in general. But once the break’s over, he’ll be returning to Aeternum.

“I will still continue playing that sh*t game. I’m kidding. I love New World. But there are so many bugs and exploits, and it doesn’t stop.”

New World trading post bug discovered

new world mmo trading post bug exploit gold lost players forum
A New World bug exploit is seeing players losing gold when logged out of the game. (Picture: Amazon Games)

Most recently, there has been a bug in New World that is stealing gold when players are logged out of the game. This bug has reportedly affected players from selling items and goods at the Trade Post as some players have claimed to have lost over 10,000 Gold.

It doesn’t benefit the game’s success that the bug was discovered hours after the latest patch update was rolled out. However, Amazon Games have responded and will fix it soon.

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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games and Twitch / Shroud.