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Sodapoppin banned from Twitch after apologising for blackface clip

Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris is banned from Twitch again after the streamer posted an apology to Reddit for a "blackface clip" surfacing online.
Sodapoppin banned from Twitch after apologising for blackface clip
Popular Twitch streamer Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris received his second band from the Amazon-owned platform on the 13th April 2022. The ban happened rather suddenly as Sodapoppin is one of the platform's biggest stars, known for streaming the latest video game releases and his Just Chatting streams.

While nothing has been officially confirmed as to why he was banned from the platform, it hasn't stopped the Twitch community from speculating. A recent Twitch clip has emerged online, speculating that Sodapoppin' may have been banned for an insensitive "black face" clip.

Sodapoppin' slapped with indefinite ban from Twitch

While we cannot confirm this yet, it seems fair to assume that Soda's ban from Twitch was due to his portrayal of "blackface" when colouring a character in a video game he streamed on 9th April 2022. As he was colouring his character's skin, Soda said out loud, "blackface", and proceeded to draw his character with dark skin and a big red smile.

sodapoppin twitch ban second ban apology blackface clip livestream
Sodapoppin coloured his video game character in blackface during his recent Twitch livestreams. (Picture: Twitch / Sodapoppin)

Soda later took to Reddit to offer up an apology on Reddit, stating that it seemed like a "harmless mistake". As he continued, he didn't realise the red smile was exaggerating the "blackface" comment he made earlier.

He just wanted to draw a Mr Potatohead and didn't realise that what he said would be exacerbated by the character he was drawing at the time. The Twitch community are reluctant to believe him; however, it seems unlikely that one wouldn't notice the correlation while exclaiming "blackface" during a Twitch livestream.

We can't claim whether this incident was intentional; we're not sure if it's the main reason behind the ban. As of writing, it's unclear how long Soda's ban from Twitch will be in effect, which could theoretically last between three to seven days.

What's clear is that this controversial "blackface" clip is in direct violation of Twitch's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. We have yet to confirm the duration of his latest ban and whether this incident is the main reason behind the ban.

sodapoppin twitch ban second ban blackface clip twitch violations
Sodapoppin received his second ban from Twitch on 16th April 2022 with no official confirmation explaining his ban. (Picture: YouTube / Sodapoppin)

This isn't the first time Soda has been banned from Twitch, with his first taking place in 2020 for his obscene VRChat livestream. Unlike his current ban, his suspension was swiftly overturned, lasting around 24 hours before returning to the platform.

Soda posted a parody apology video to his YouTube channel in response to his brief ban from Twitch. Nevertheless, Soda's latest ban might last longer than the previous one as he has yet to provide more comments surrounding his latest ban.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Sodapopin.