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Streamer banned for sexual harassment just days after becoming Twitch partner

Twitch streamer Cribazz has been banned from Twitch for "continuously targeting a streamer with sex-based insults".
Streamer banned for sexual harassment just days after becoming Twitch partner

Partnered Twitch streamer Cribazz has been handed a 7-day ban just two days after he has received a Twitch partnership.

Cribazz started building his streaming career in December 2020, doing mostly IRL and gambling streams, but apparently, according to people familiar with his channel and those who were victims of his harassing, his content allegedly revolves around targeting other streamers for hate and mockery.

After six months of constant streaming, Cribazz has become a partnered streamer on 1st June 2021. But just two days after achieving a huge Twitch milestone, Cribazz has crossed a red line and fell victim to his own toxic behaviour.

Unlike many other streamers, Cribazz shared a screenshot of the message he got, which informed him of a ban.

The messages from Twitch reads he has been banned for 7 days for sexual harassment.

Not going into too many details, Twitch states that Cribazz was "continuously targeting a streamer with sex-based insults" and was calling other streamers "whore" and "slut" for wearing revealing clothing.

Cribazz twitch banned sexual harassment
(Picture: Cribazz)

Apparently, he has been going around Twitch and harassing and insulting members of the LGBTQ community while live streaming, targeting specifically trans streamers and making derogatory comments, an example can be seen in the clip below.

Another streamer Cribazz has reportedly harassed is DelightfullyDani, a body art streamer. According to her, Cribazz has been harassing her for being a sex worker.

In the meantime, other videos surfaced of him just insulting various girls live on stream, for no particular reasons, saying that they are "ugly" or "whores" and other derogatory terms.

Members of the LGBTQ community on Twitch are not satisfied with the fact that Cribazz got away with just a 7-day ban and demand permanent suspension or at the very least his partnership status to be revoked, as his behaviour, as seen above, is far from acceptable, especially with the ongoing LGBT Pride Month taken into consideration.

Hopefully, if Cribazz continues with this kind of disgusting and toxic behaviour, Twitch will react quickly and remove him from the platform.