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SUB-prise! Pokimane gifts AriaSaki 1,000 Twitch subs

Pokimane surprises fellow Twitch streamer, AriaSaki, with a generous sub donation of 1,000 subs.
SUB-prise! Pokimane gifts AriaSaki 1,000 Twitch subs

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is one of the most followed streamers on Twitch. And as such, she is reported to have a reserve of gifted subs that it’s causing some technical problems.

So, she decided to visit a fellow Offline TV content creator and good friend, AriaSaki, during one of her livestreams this week. But what AriaSaki was not prepared for was 1,000 little surprises Pokimane had in store for her.

Pokimane gifts 1,000 subs to AriaSaki

Variety Twitch streamer AriaSaki held her first cooking livestream in her new home on 12th October 2021. During the cooking stream, Pokimane dropped in but brought a surprise of her own.

Pokimane started slowly with 50 gifted subs to the streamer before increasing it to 100 gifted subs. The ball continued rolling as Pokimane continued donating subs until she reached 1,000 gifted subs.

AriaSaki and her community were left astonished as Aria thanked Pokimane for the generous donation. “Poki oh my goodness, thank you, I love you,” Aria exclaimed when Pokimane started gifting subs.

However, as Pokimane started rolling in with the gifted sub donations, AriaSaki questioned if Pokimane was okay. “Poki, this is not ok, girl, what the heck? She’s not stopping!”

“Poki, what are you doing, you’re drunk! Go home!” AriaSaki begged her good friend. AriaSaki and her community were losing minds during the sub roll until Pokimane had reached the 1,000 sub mark.

Eventually, Pokimane had gifted 1,000 to AriaSaki, by which, at the end of her stream, AriaSaki had a total of 1,200 gifted subs donated. As a thank you, AriaSaki decided to express her gratitude to the Twitch streamer for her generous donation.

Armed with a black marker in hand, AriaSaki asked Pokimane where she would like to have her name written on. It is unclear if Pokimane responded, but AriaSaki wrote Pokimane’s name across her chest.

With such a generous donation, Pokimane has certainly left her mark on AriaSaki and her community. The only question we have is which streamer Pokimane will gift subs to next?

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Featured image courtesy of Pokimane/ Twitch.