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Summit1g gets trolled in DayZ after "too many trees" comment

Summit1g has made it clear, he’s not a fan of the number of trees in DayZ. In an act of revenge, a modder takes the chance to troll the user live on stream, by dropping a small forest on the streamer.
Summit1g gets trolled in DayZ after "too many trees" comment

After a few years out of the game, Twitch streamer Summit1g is back on the DayZ train. As the zombie-fuelled survival game rises in popularity once again, Summit saw a perfect opportunity to return to DayZ and has enjoyed a significant amount of time streaming the experience.

Summit1g DayZ Trees
(Picture: Summit1g)

However, the streamer has certainly made his opinions on the game known, in particular focusing on the abundance of trees found in the open-world environments, which he has found particularly annoying.




On 6th September, Summit ranted to his fans on Twitter, suggesting that developers remove 50% of the trees in the game, as well as 80% of the Christmas trees. This comment certainly attracted some attention, and one modder took it upon themselves to play a prank on the unsuspecting streamer.

Just as Summit1g was set to take a break from streaming, his DayZ character was hit by an onslaught of cubes sporting Summit’s 1G logo, as well as several large Christmas trees. Remarkably, as this event occurs, the streamer leaves his setup without spotting the event whatsoever.




Later, Summit reacted to the footage clipped by his viewers, claiming that DayZ is trolling him based on his earlier rant. Although some believed the game’s developers to be behind the prank, the streamer instead suggested that one of his server modders is a more likely candidate.

One thing is for certain though, Summit will have to think twice about making any more comments on the game unless he wants to be hit by a lot more items. Perhaps he could use this to his advantage and rant about healing equipment or top-tier guns.