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Twitch bans Adin Ross indefinitely

Star streamer Adin Ross was recently banned from Twitch, and this time indefinitely. He claims to be uncertain of the cause but let's see everything we know so far.
Twitch bans Adin Ross indefinitely
Twitch star Adin Ross is now banned "indefinitely" from Twitch. Starting 20th April 2022, amid controversy surrounding the language used during Ross' stream, the 21 yo US streamer is no longer authorized to stream on the platform.

The reason for the ban has not been officially released by Twitch, but Jake Lucky of Full Squad Gaming speculated that it was due to him saying a homophobic slur on Your Rage's stream a week ago. 

Here's everything we know about the recent Adin Ross Twitch ban and exactly why it occurred.

Adin Ross banned from Twitch

Adin Ross looking at camera
Twitch star Adin Ross claimed not to know the reason for the ban in a deleted Tweet. (Image: Adin Ross)

The 20th April ban comes about a week after his stream with Your Rage, during which Ross said a homophobic slur. "This kid's a f****t," Ross can be heard saying as they chat, before Your Rage shouts, "yooo!" and the stream falls into silence.

Adin played a song that featured the same slur on his own channel a week later, pausing and mouthing "sh*t" as the singer says the slur before stopping the song momentarily.

Hateful slurs or symbols breach Twitch's Community Guidelines, which do not allow users to "insult others with a hateful slur on stream" or upload any content that contains hateful slurs.

Ross said a homophobic slur on Your Rage's stream a week before the ban, leading many to believe that this was the cause for the infraction. (Image: Adin Ross)

Adin Ross reaction to Twitch ban

Ross reacted publicly to the Twitch ban before deleting the Twitter post. In the now-deleted Tweet, Ross posted a screenshot of the email he received in relation to the 20th April ban, which stated that he was banned for "hateful slurs or symbols."

Ross' response Tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted. (Image: Twitter)

The violation occurred on stream or VOD, and will be "indefinite," according to the email. Indefinite bans will not be lifted unless the streamer chooses to appeal them.

He also expressed confusion about why the ban happened in the first place. 

"I am not sure what I said though?" He wrote. "I'm not sure what I did? It occurred on stream or VOD? I don't know man."

That's all we currently know about Adin Ross' Twitch ban, when it will lift, and why it happened in the first place.

Featured image courtesy of Adin Ross.