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Twitch bans Disguised Toast over clip featuring homophobic slur

The streamer got caught up in the middle of a sticky situation after playing a compromising clip without any censorship.
Twitch bans Disguised Toast over clip featuring homophobic slur

Jeremy Wang, better known as Disguised Toast, has been temporarily banned from Twitch because of “unmoderated hateful content”, the streamer announced on 24th April via Twitter.

The length of the ban hasn’t been confirmed but it is believed Toast was given the three-day treatment like in previous offences across the scene.

This incident won’t affect him much as the 29-year-old is signed to Facebook Gaming and rarely streams over on his Twitch channel.

disguised toast ban(Picture: @DisguisedToast)

The following video contains a clip with sensitive language that is being pinpointed as the catalyst for the ban.

The rage compilation has a clip of a salty PUBG player calling Disguised Toast a homophobic slur to which he reacted to on stream without any modding or bleeping involved.

While Twitch has not provided an exact reason for the ban, Toast took an educated guess and acknowledged his mistake.

“I was watching an old twitch clip of mine that includes a toxic player using the f slur against me. Will try to be more careful in the future”, Toast tweeted, not taking the ban too hard.

The ban, just like with previous Twitch/streamer entanglements, is applied to the person, not the channel.

This means that Disguised Toast’s brand, voice and face cannot be seen or heard on the platform, hence Wang cancelling lobbies and play sessions for content.

If Toast appeared on any of his friends’ stream even when he isn’t streaming himself, they could be punished for essentially helping to bypass Toast’s ban, getting hit with one of their own.