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Twitch Bans Erobb Over Threats To Beat Up Annoying Chatter

Twitch streamer, Eric “Erobb” Robbins Jr. was banned indefinitely after threatening to fight an annoying chatter.
Twitch Bans Erobb Over Threats To Beat Up Annoying Chatter

Twitch streamers are getting banned left and right for the most absurd and shocking reasons or actions. For example, one streamer was banned for seven days after having sexual intercourse during a live stream, while another faced prohibitions for violating the platform’s nudity policy in a pool stream

In more recent news, the banning continues as another popular streamer has been hit with Twitch's mighty ban hammer. On 7th September 2022, Eric Lamont “Erobb221” Robbins Jr., younger the brother of popular League of Legends content creator Tyler “tyler1” Steinkamp, was banned while participating in QTCinderella’s Twitch Shitcamp 2022 event. 

Twitch Bans Erobb After Violent Outburst Aimed At Chatter

erobb banned twitch shitcamp 2022
Erobb was banned indefinitely from Twitch while at Shitcamp 2022. (Picture: Instagram / Erobb)

At first, the reasons leading to the ban were unbeknownst to fans. But after disclosing the information at Twitch Shitcamp 2022, Erobb confirmed that the reason for the ban was because he threatened an annoying Twitch chatter, stating that he'd “knock” them out.

Despite no information given regarding the duration of the ban, Erobb won’t be streaming on Twitch for an indefinite time. In his statement during Ali “Myth” Kabbani’s YouTube stream, he elaborated to friends and fans regarding the reason for his Twitch ban.

Erobb said, “I was investigating offline chat; somebody was talking sh*t to me. I said to him, ‘I cannot wait to see you at TwitchCon; I’m going to beat the f*ck out of you.’ I said, ‘I’m not kidding; this is serious; when I see you, I’m going straight across your f*cking jaw.” 

In a Reddit post posted around the same time, a user named “TangyKang” posted a screenshot of the alleged comments that got Erobb banned indefinitely. The comments stated, “I’m going right across your jaw. It’d be worth the ban. I promise you, If I ever see you, I’m knocking you out.”

Another Redditor posted the alleged conversation detailing why Erobb acted so aggressively and annoyed toward the chatter.

erobb livestream banned threatening twitch chatter
Erobb revealed during a livestream that he was banned for threatening an annoying Twitch chatter. (Picture: Instagram / Erobb)

The user essentially trash-talked Erobb while his stream was offline, stating they “hoped” the streamer “would get banned during Shitcamp” and called him a “f*cking loser.”

Despite this, Erobb remains a participant in Twitch Shitcamp 2022, seemingly unfazed by the situation, especially after threatening a chatter, albeit quite rude and toxic, on Twitch.

Fans wanting to watch more of the streamer can watch him during any Shitcamp streams if he makes an appearance or sit back and wait for his return on the platform.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch and Erobb via Instagram