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Greekgodx Claims OnlyFans Girls Are Okay Being Objectified For Money

Twitch streamer Greekgodx was slammed by YouTube icon Myth after yet another controversial remark about the objectification of women.
Greekgodx Claims OnlyFans Girls Are Okay Being Objectified For Money

Popular Twitch streamer Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos, better known as Greekgodx (or Greek), is no stranger to controversy. In late June 2022, Twitch hit Greek with his third ban after he went on a sexist rant about women, saying that the women he dates should be prepared to cook and clean up after him.

The self-professed "Twitch idiot" was later criticized and branded a sexist; still, this hasn't stopped him from making further inflammatory remarks about women. More recently, Greekgodx came under fire after Tweeting that OnlyFans proves that women are okay with being objectified if it's for money.

Greek Claims Women Are OK Being Objectified For Money

greekgodx sexist claims onlyfans proof women are fine being objectified for money
Greekgodx is historied to make wildly sexist and inaccurate claims about women. (Picture: Twitter / Greekgodx)

The Tweet, posted on 23rd July 2022, is a seemingly desperate attempt for Greek to remain relevant and came before several other arguably misogynistic claims. "Fun fact, OnlyFans shows that women are OK with being objectified if it's for money," Greek wrote.

In a comment, the Twitch streamer elaborated that he's committed to "save humanity at all cost," adding that he can't have his women selling their bodies for "creepy old men to mast*rbate to." Days later, on 25th July 2022, Fortnite pro and YouTube content creator Myth slammed Greek for his "genius" stance; this later evolved into a spat involving not-so-nice comments thrown between the two.

"So what ur telling me is that some women are okay with being 'objectified' and seen in a sexual setting when they get to profit from it and directly control what they are comfortable putting out instead of being exploited by some guy? Holy sh*t [you're] a genius," Myth said sarcastically.

Fornite pro Myth hits back at Greekgodx
Fornite pro Myth hits back at Greekgodx. (Picture: Twitter)

Myth continued, explaining that he was not impressed with "loud ass men spouting false generalizations," suggesting that Greek was upset that women are making money now instead of himself.

"Regardless of your stance or perspective on my views, I hope we all take a moment to look at the things we consume and the people we believe. Are they touting ideas that bring people together and produce understanding or ideas that isolate others and ignores perspectives," Myth added.

greekgodx sexist claims about women
Greekgodx has made several other inflammatory claims about women. (Picture: Twitter / Greekgodx)

Naturally, Myth's comment did not sit well with Greek, who continued by berating Myth's "beta male energy." Greek quote-Tweeted, "Sorry, after Fortnite, you low key fell off. [The] only thing keeping you relevant is the really bad xQc impression you do. Beta male energy you give me. Now don't ever speak my name again, boy."

Following Greek's ill-tasting Fortnite joke, which is hardly a comeback, it's understandable why Myth didn't bother to reply. This follows the troubled Twitch streamer's apparent lack of reception to any argument based on reason or logic.

Greek has otherwise continued to make wildly inflammatory statements on Twitter, saying "there are only two genders." He also claimed guys should be assholes if they want to have s*x with women because they "like to be emotionally tested," adding it's the reason nice guys never get laid -- because they're boring. Interesting.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Greekgodx and OnlyFans.