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Twitch partner Allecakes banned: "I am starting to feel body-shamed"

Another Twitch partner, Allecakes, has been banned while making friendship bracelets and she doesn't know why.
Twitch bans are coming in hard and fast, from WWE's Paige getting banned for watching Dumb and Dumber, to an activist claiming he was banned for speaking about the Israel-Palestine conflict. There's also the topic of showing too much skin on stream and sexualized content. Now, in the latest ban ordeal, Twitch partner Allecakes has been smacked with the banhammer, and she is confused as to why, while starting to feel as if she is being body-shamed.

Why was Allecakes banned from Twitch?

With continuous discussions about the hot tub meta, the clothing streamers wear and if their content should be viewed as sexualized, therefore against to streaming platform's TOS, continues to be a hot topic of discussion.

However, Allecakes wasn't in a hot tub, nor was she apparently doing anything against the TOS. She was making friendship bracelets on stream, wearing a tight outfit when she was banned on 29th May at roughly 06:00 CET.

Twitch allecakes partner banned body-shamed onlyfans(Picture: Allecakes)

Allecakes shared the image above on Twitter and explained: "Banned on twitch again... I don't even know what I got banned for... I'm very aware of the TOS and I am starting to feel body-shamed... Just cause I'm a little thicker and I fill out my clothes a little more? please twitch I just want to know why... 

In a follow-up tweet, she explained what she was doing while she got banned from the streaming platform.

It appears as if she was wearing the outfit as shown in the image above, and notes how she feels body-shamed due to this Twitch ban.

This is her second ban, with the first one lasting only 24 hours. Keep in mind Twitch doesn't share reasons for a streamer's ban, and this is just one side of the story. There's no telling how long Allecakes' ban will last at this point.

Allecakes also has an OnlyFans account, and we all know that's for adult content. However, her claims suggest she was banned incorrectly and according to Allecakes, she didn't break the Twitch's TOS.

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