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Twitch perma bans JiDion after targeting Pokimane in hate raid

After tremendous community outrage, Twitch converted JiDion's 14-day suspension to a perma-ban after leading a "sexist" hate raid against Pokimane.
Twitch perma bans JiDion after targeting Pokimane in hate raid

Twitch streamer and YouTube prankster JiDion was recently hit with a 14-day suspension after launching a targeted "hate raid" toward fellow content creator Imane "Pokimane" Anys. However, after being heavily criticised by the Twitch community for his "sexist and misogynist behaviour," the Amazon-owned streaming platform decided to upgrade JiDion's suspension to a permanent ban merely days after being partnered.

JiDion hit with Twitch perma-ban after Pokimane hate raid

On 17th January, JiDion tweeted that his Twitch ban was converted from a 14-day ban to a permanent one, presumably in response to immense pressure from the broader Twitch community regarding his targeted hate raid.

The internet star claims he "deserved to get banned" for breaking the Twitch terms of service; however, JiDion believes that Twitch was unfair for perma-banning him.

In a video uploaded to Twitter, JiDion said, "I'm here to ask Twitch to make [the ban] fair because when Twitch first banned me, I got a 14-day suspension. But, after other people reacted to my ban and voiced their opinion of that not being severe enough, my 14-day suspension went to a perma-ban, which I feel is unfair."

The internet star continued, saying, "I feel that Twitch should keep my 14-day suspension, especially for a first-time offence and not let outside factors determine me being perma-banned."

JiDion admitted that what he did "was wrong" but argued how he is supposed to "do better next time" if he isn't given a second chance to redeem himself.

Twitch upgraded JiDion's 14-day ban to a perma-ban after "sexist" hate raid
Twitch upgraded JiDion's 14-day ban to a perma-ban after his "sexist" hate raid. (Picture: YouTube / Cool Kicks)

Furthermore, JiDion said that he learned from his mistake regardless of the outcome in a separate tweet. JiDion also acknowledged fans' support, tweeting, "I learned [about] how much u (sic) guys really love me, and I'll be sure never to lose your guys trust."

At the time of writing, Twitch has not issued a public statement regarding their latest ruling, and despite JiDion's attempt at seeking an appeal, it is unlikely that Twitch will reverse his perma-ban.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / JiDion and Pokimane.