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JustaMinx suffers bloody accident after being attacked by wild animal

Twitch star JustaMinx left fans in shock after sharing photos of her bloody leg following a chance wild animal attack.
JustaMinx suffers bloody accident after being attacked by wild animal

Team Envy content creator and Twitch star, JustaMinx, is widely known for her outrageous antics, ranging from a viral sexual hot tub moment involving a group of strippers to chugging an entire bottle of lube live on stream; Minx has done it all.

While most of these antics have hit back with waves of criticism and "last chance" permaban threats from Twitch, it doesn't detract from what is otherwise highly entertaining content. More recently, however, JustaMinx shocked fans after a drunken mishap and chance encounter with a wild animal resulted in her rolling down a hill.

JustaMinx tumbles down hill after encounter with wild animal

twitch justaminx wild animal attack hike bloody legs
Twitch streamer JustaMinx shared gory photos of her bloody leg on social media. (Picture: Twitch / JustaMinx)

On 16th June 2022, JustaMinx shared a series of gory images on Twitter with the caption: "Well, last night was rough. Coomers no coming." In the absence of much detail or context and images showing JustaMinx's bloody, scratched legs, it was only natural that many worried fans were left to speculate as to what went wrong.

From the images, it seemed like JustaMinx was mauled by an animal or narrowly escaped a brutal attack from a crazed attacker. "We told you not to fight the mountain lion," wrote one Twitter user. Many other Twitter users followed, expressing their concerns about whether JustaMinx was okay.

Following a slew of worrying comments on JustaMinx's Twitter thread, the streamer took to Twitch to fully explain what transpired. Accordingly, JustaMinx explained that after returning home from a boxing session, she and a group of creators drunkenly decided to go for a hike.

twitch streamer justaminx wild animal attack hike
JustaMinx fell in a cactus before being bitten by a wild animal and falling down a hill. (Picture: Twitch / JustaMinx)

While not the most brilliant move in the world, the group proceeded up a mountain with just one flashlight. Followingly, being drunk and unable to see where she was going, JustaMinx explained how she tripped and fell into a cactus bush.

Despite being covered in cactus needles, the fully-drunken JustaMinx decided to press on; however, her luck only seemed to get better. Later in the hike, the group crossed an unidentifiable wild animal in the bush, which instinctively triggered JustaMinx's "flight or fight" response.

In true Minx spirit, the Twitch star then decided to charge at the animal (which she completely missed) and proceed to fall down the hill. During her recount of events, JustaMinx explained that although the fall was largely responsible for her wounds and injuries, she was bitten by the animal, which fortunately did not have rabies.

We're glad to hear that JustaMinx is okay and can only hope that the alcohol in her blood at the time was enough to numb most of the pain. While she anticipates a complete recovery, we hope she'll think twice about drunkenly hiking up a hill again.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Amouranth.