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Twitch streamer accidentally purges all of his followers

Twitch streamer Evan Gao accidentally purged nearly 7000 followers using the CommanderRoot Twitch Tool while trying to get rid of bot accounts.
Twitch streamer accidentally purges all of his followers

The grind to become a popular Twitch streamer is gruelling, so you can only imagine what went through Evan Gao's mind when he accidentally purged his entire Twitch following.

After attempting to get rid of bot accounts using Twitch Tools by Commander Root, Evan mistakenly forgot to apply an important filter and blocked all 6768 of his loyal fans.

Indeed, blocking nearly 7000 followers might not be a big deal for prominent streamers like Felix "xQc" Lengyel; however, it's nothing short of a nightmare given the length of time required for small streamers like Evan to acquire them.

Twitch streamer purges nearly 7000 followers by mistake

The incident occurred on 21st January and was quickly upvoted on the Livestream Fails subreddit, where many Twitch users reciprocated Evan's pain.

Twitch streamer Evan Gao accidentally blocks all of his followers
Twitch streamer Evan Gao accidentally blocks all of his followers. (Picture: Twitch)

"Losing your followers as a small streamer is actually really bad [...] 95% of those 6000 followers are going to forget he exists and never find him again," one Reddit user said. "Yep, that's years of effort down the drain," said another.

A third Redditor poked fun at the Twitch streamer, writing, "Started from the bottom, and now we're back at the bottom." "Man's just playing Jump King in real life," said a fourth.

Naturally, Evan panicked when he realised what he had done and frantically tried to undo his mistake. But unfortunately, although he eventually managed to unblock everyone, getting all of the followers back is impossible.

"That sucks. I've banned literally thousands of people because I went through a list of known bots [and] now it's going to be impossible to tell [the difference] between the real people and the bots," Evan said.

At the time of writing, Evan has managed to recover only 684 followers and has a long way to go before returning to the 6000 mark. If you'd like to help Evan get back on his feet, feel free to drop him a follow below (he needs it).


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / Evan Gao.