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News > Entertainment > Twitch

Twitch streamer OmegaPro gets banned two times over deleted VOD

The streamer got hit with a DMCA ban on 7th May, taking down the content and still getting another strike on the 12th.

DMCA struggles are still prevalent on Twitch with streamers having to tread lightly around copyrighted content, and proof of this is OmegaPro's two bans for a single takedown. 

The streamer reported that on 7th May, his channel was banned after broadcasting copyrighted material. Days later, on the 12th, he received the exact same claim over the very content OmegaPro's channel was already banned for. 

"The ORIGINAL copyright takedown (left) states that i streamed the infringing content on friday may 7th, which is true. the NEW takedown says that the infringed content was streamed today on the 12th, which isnt possible because i was streaming persona at the time," OmegaPro tweeted out. 

omegapro banned(Picture: Twitch)

According to an interview made with Dexerto, the content in question involved the television series the Vampire Diaries. 

Almost a day later since the ban, OmegaPro confirmed Twitch has not contacted him regarding the situation. "My anxiety goes through the rough with each passing moment. I still haven't slept since last night."

As always, we'll update you as the story develops.