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Twitch streamer PoppaPhill finds girlfriend deceased

Twitch streamer PoppaPhill recently revealed that his girlfriend, Tailor (aged 27), was found dead on 18th September.
Twitch streamer PoppaPhill finds girlfriend deceased

PoppaPhill has a small Twitch channel with about 1,300 followers. Recently, PoppaPhill and thousands of members of the Twitter community were devasted after he announced that his girlfriend, Tailor (who went by the Twitch handle "ghostgirl_94"), was found dead over the weekend. Tailor was just 27 years old at the time of her death.

Twitch streamer PoppaPhill's girlfriend was found dead

According to a tweet posted at 6:32 PM BST on 18th September, PoppaPhill realized that something was wrong after he was unable to get in touch with Tailor, despite several attempts. He also indicated that her car was not at her home and that she did not pick her kids up that morning.

Later that evening, at 9:20 PM BST, PoppaPhill announced that his girlfriend was found dead. "My girlfriend was just found... deceased. I am about to lose it. I want to die [with] so many things running through my head dude, I'm so f***ing broken. How does one cope with this," the Twitch streamer said on Twitter. PoppaPhilll did not reveal the specifics around Tailor's death. 

Twitch streamer PoppaPhil finds girlfriend deceased
Twitch streamer PoppaPhil finds girlfriend deceased. (Picture: Twitter / PoppaPhill)

A few hours later, PoppaPhill posted a follow-up tweet thanking everyone for the love and support toward his girlfriend. Shattered and torn, the Twitch streamer revealed that he was still in shock. "I have no words. All I know is I loved Tailor with all my heart and it kills me knowing that a beautiful soul like my baby's got taken last night," he said.

The Twitch streamer later poured his heart out on Twitter, saying: "I am so lost. So broken. I just want to get into a hole and never come out. We were supposed to do life together. You got taken way too soon my love and I hate it so f***ing much, I know you are in a way better place now. I just wish we could have gotten more time together."

Twitch streamer PoppaPhil finds girlfriend deceased
Twitch streamer PoppaPhil finds girlfriend deceased. (Picture: Twitter / PoppaPhill)

While the news comes as a massive shock, the support by PoppaPhill's followers and the broader Twitter community have been positively astounding. Fans and other members of the internet have come in masses to support the devasted Twitch streamer.

Another Twitter user wrote:

We sympathize with PoppaPhill and extend our most sincere condolences to him and Tailor's family during this difficult time.

We endeavour to update you regarding further developments around this story.


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Feature image courtesy of Twitter / PoppaPhil.