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Tyler1 shares his thoughts on xQc’s Twitch ban: "I hope it's f**king permanent!"

It’s not the first time both Tyler1 has had some choice words for xQc.
Tyler1 shares his thoughts on xQc’s Twitch ban: "I hope it's f**king permanent!"

A few hours have passed since the Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel's temporary ban was announced by Twitch, after he was caught stream sniping during the Twitch Rivals tournament at GlitchCon 2020.

xQc has apologized over the issue, while also confirming his Twitch account will be suspended for seven days. He also revealed that he would be matching the prize money, which he was forced to forfeit, with xQc donating it to charity.

While this was happening, many streamers and content creators gave their opinion. However, one of the most controversial and expected came from Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp, the infamous League of Legends' streamer and who was taking part in the GlitchCon tournament himself.

Tyler1 xqc twitch ban
Tyler1 says if it was up to him xQc wouldn't return to Twitch. (Picture: Tyler1)

He didn't mince his words:

"I hope it's f**king permanent, I hope he never comes back," said Tyler. "Enjoy YouTube."

He continued, "No s**t he got banned, he stream snipped on stream! He had to be banned or else it sets a bad example."

"Honestly, I wish all the kids that stream snipe against me were f**king permanently banned as well."

It’s not the first time that Tyler has voiced an opinion on xQc, in the aftermath of this very incident he got in a heated discussion with xQc where he described the former Overwatch pro as a "sore loser" or at least that's what it sounded like his microphone - Tyler's microphone peaking just a bit.

Last month Tyler also accused xQc, without much evidence we may add, of viewbotting.

Tyler's desire to see xQc permanently banned from the platform is not going to happen, at least this time, though with xQc now on his fourth ban in as many years, he might want to start toeing the line a bit more.