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Why was Twitch streamer Indiefoxx banned for the fourth time?

Indiefoxx has received her fourth ban from Twitch this time for apparently selling the streaming platform's features or services.
Why was Twitch streamer Indiefoxx banned for the fourth time?

Indiefoxx has now been banned from Twitch four times this year, with the latest ban hitting on 7th April 2021. The Twitch streamer is no stranger to bans, having faced the banhammer twice in one week back in late January and early February. Late in February, Indiefoxx received another ban (1 day) and now, she has been banned for the fourth time. This time around, however, it wasn't for writing sub names on her body...

Why was Indiefoxx banned from Twitch?

The latest ban also lasts three days and occurred in the early hours of the morning on 7th April 2021. According to an image shared by Indiefoxx relating to her fourth Twitch ban, it was because of "selling Twitch services or features".

Indiefoxx4inside1.jpg?_t=1617774533(Picture: Twitch via Indiefoxx)

Indiefoxx is confused about the ban, not knowing exactly what she did wrong. The thing is, she put a gifted sub price on the VIP badge in her channel.

Indiefoxx states on Twitter: "I'm really confused? 3 days seems excessive? It's not in the community guidelines. But uhh I didn't do any of these? Maybe VIP for 100gifters but That isn't against the ToS, VIP is not a mod, it's a vanity badge dedicated to top donors? Based on this. I'm confused."

For those gifting 100 subs, she gave the VIP badge, which is basically putting a price on a Twitch feature. Despite what Indiefoxx might think, this is against the Twitch TOS.


Indiefoxx4inside2.jpg?_t=1617774568(Picture: Twitch)

With the VIP Badge, users are immune to Twitch chat option settings, such as Block Hyperlinks, Automod and more. They can also spam chat, which means it is more than just a cosmetic addition.

Back in February 2021, we joked about how Indiefoxx might just be speedrunning for a Twitch ban record.

This is her fourth strike, and while her latest ban might be a bit confusing and not completely clear, Twitch streamer regularly don't even get that many chances before a permanent ban sets in.