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xQc Claims OTK Used Emiru As A "Power Move" Amid CrazySlick Drama

Twitch star Félix “xQc” Lengyel slammed Emiru for her defensive statement on Mizkif as a "power move" amid the Slick drama.
xQc Claims OTK Used Emiru As A "Power Move" Amid CrazySlick Drama

Twitch has become a battlefield of allegations following the sexual assault controversy involving Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, CrazySlick, Maya Higa, and Adrianah Lee. Initially, this drama was focused on Adrianah Lee’s claims of allegedly being sexually harassed and assaulted by CrazySlick, and generally letting her have the justice and peace she deserves.

More recently, however, One True King (OTK) member, Emily “Emiru Schunk, defended Mizkif in a Twitch Livestream amid accusations that he helped cover up and downplay Adrianah Lee’s alleged sexual assault. Accordingly, Emiru said there's “no way” Mizkif knew everything that happened. In a response, Félix “xQc” Lengyel slammed her statement that "doesn't seem genuine" as a “power move.”

xQc Slams Emiru For Defending Mizkif, Labels It A “Power Move”

emiru mizkif allegations
Emiru stated that the "Mizkif [she knew] would never know the full story and just let that happen." (Picture: Twitch / Emiru)

Following her 22nd September 2022 Livestream, Emiru was emotional, crying over the accusations thrown at her friends, and defended Mizkif amid the controversy.

Accordingly, Emiru said there was “no way” Mizkif would’ve known about the sexual assault or, at the very least, what happened between CrazySlick and Adrianah Lee or the other women he’s harassed.

She added, “the Mizkif [she knew] would never know the full story and just let that happen.”

In response to these claims, fellow Twitch streamer xQc slammed Emiru's statement as a “power move” by One True King. xQc also revealed that Emiru's statement was why he and Tyler "Trainwreck" Nicknam leaked the Discord call, exposing Mizkif (which we’ve posted below).

xQc said, “Emiru goes live with this statement that doesn’t seem genuine. That seems like an insane power move. [...] This broadcast was a power move, one hundred percent.”

“This was a move. 'Oh, we didn’t know; they didn’t know,' come on [Emiru], everyone knew. 'Oh, we didn’t know'; it’s only because the streamers want to gain something out of this,” xQc added. 

Furthermore, xQc claimed that Emiru’s statement on the Adrianah Lee and CrazySlicks controversy was dangerous because it could’ve been a major power move to change the stance of public opinion, aligning with Mizkif, even slightly, despite being in the wrong.

adrianah lee sexually assaulted crazyslick mizkif
Mizkif's close friend, CrazySlick, allegedly sexually assaulted Adrianah Lee. (Picture: Instagram / Adrianah Lee)

CrazySlick has since removed himself from social media following the scandal resurfacing. Subsequently, Mizkif has been placed on leave from his gaming organization, One True King, pending an investigation into the allegations by third-party sources.

We will continue to update you on the situation. If you are not yet clued up on the drama, feel free to read the following articles:

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Featured image courtesy of Instagram via xQc and Emiru.