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xQc confronts stream sniper, finds out shocking details about Warzone hackers

The hacker used ammunition to write messages on the walls and answer all the questions about hackers and hacking in Warzone.
xQc confronts stream sniper, finds out shocking details about Warzone hackers
For the popular Twitch streamer, Félix "xQc" Lengyel, stream sniping is a regular occurrence, that happens almost whenever he plays online multiplayer games, as he is one of the biggest content creators on the platform.

During his latest streaming session, he had a particularly interesting encounter with a stream sniper while he was playing Warzone, who was not only a stream sniper but also a hacker.

Aside from being an obvious hacker, the player's username is ReportMeIHack, a name that probably has the intention to show that non-cheating players are powerless in front of hackers, as devs can't deal fast enough with the hacking issues, which are plaguing Warzone since the launch of the battle royale.

xqc hacker bullet messages
The hacker used ammo to write the answers on the wall (Picture: xQc)

And while the former OWL pro isn't exactly known for his calm personality, this time around he was rather amused by the stream sniper and even decided to try and talk with him about hacking.

Instead of leaving the game in which he got sniped, he decided to follow the sniper and try to communicate with him. Surprising none, the hacker quickly decided to cooperate and participate in this weird interview in front of 50,000 viewers.

Some fans in xQc's chat were complaining that he is giving too much attention to the hacker, something the hacker probably wants anyway, but xQc disagreed on that stance, saying that in this way he will bring attention to the problem.

Félix started asking the hacker questions about hacks, encouraging them to showcase how hacks perform in Warzone, something the hacker gladly revealed live on xQc's stream.

The hacker shot at the stairs below the enemy player and killed him almost instantly, leaving xQc shocked.

"Is he using Magic Bullet like in Overwatch?" the Canadian asked. "It's a thing that makes you look like you’re hitting your shot even though you’re not hacking?"

Upon hearing the question, the hacker moved the camera up and down, as a sign of confirmation.

xqc warzone hacker stream sniper
The hacker revealed that he never got permabanned (Picture: xQc)

xQc then proceeded to explain to his viewers how the hack works: "So, this is a hack like one that was in Overwatch called Magic Bullet. The way it worked was you would hit your shots even if you’re not looking at your target. So, if you're close, your shots are going to hit and it’s going to look like you’re not hacking."

xQc was intrigued to find out more about the hacker and the conversation continued with the hacker answering xQc's questions by spraying bullets into walls and engraving his answers for xQc to read them.

In this way, xQc found out that the hacker never got permabanned, but only banned for a couple of hours instead, and that the hack they currently use cost only $20.

xQc wanted to know how are they avoiding IP and machine bans, on which the hacker explained that they are using "VPN Spoofer", again by the spraying bullets method.

The hacker eventually won this game of Warzone with ease, despite goofing around while talking with xQc. Some of xQc's viewers protested for giving the hacker the attention he wants, but xQc explained that it doesn't matter in the bigger picture and that the issue is much bigger.

"These hackers, they get what they want regardless," xQc explained to his viewers. "The anti-cheats and the systems are not good enough to counteract it. If it's not like this, he's gonna get it regardless. Every game will be corrupted and it's going to be complete degeneracy!"

Unfortunately, the cheating issue is something that has been plaguing the game since the launch, and despite Activision's efforts to put an end to this alarming problem, it seems that the problem is only getting bigger with time, leaving many gamers frustrated, from console players to huge stars like Vikkstar.

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