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V Rising Voltatia The Power Master: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Learn how to defeat Voltatia the Power Master in V Rising to unlock Lightning Curtain, Power Core, and EMP!
V Rising Voltatia The Power Master: How To Beat, Location & Rewards

Voltatia the Power Master is a Level 77 Blood Carrier in V Rising, so it's only a matter of time before you start looking for guides like this to help you out. And let us be clear: there's absolutely no shame in that! This guide will explain how to beat Voltatia the Power Master in V Rising, including the best abilities and weapons to use against her.

Before we begin, please know that we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible advice. That means we actually grind these bosses until we find the perfect strategy to defeat them. Yes, Google -- we know what we're talking about! So continue reading to learn how to defeat Voltatia in V Rising, including this boss' location and rewards.

Updated on 21 May 2023: Voltatia is a brand-new V Blood Carrier introduced in the V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot update.

V Rising: Where To Find Voltatia The Power Master - Location

voltatia location v rising

Voltatia the Power Master is located in Trancendum Power Plant in Gloomrot North. This region is infested with high-level mobs and loot. As dangerous as the area is, the Trancendum Power Plant is even more dangerous as it contains, among the strong ranged riflemen, powerful mechanical beasts that deal extremely high damage.

These mobs live to serve Voltatia in V Rising, so you must clear them when making your way to the arena near the top of the main facility. Before the fight, you can unlock the Vampire Waygate located directly south of the facility. Otherwise, you could construct a Castle somewhere nearby and build a Teleporter to access the boss upon your demise.

V Rising: How To Beat Voltatia The Power Master

Voltatia is an insanely powerful Level 77 V Blood Carrier. For this reason, before even attempting to defeat Voltatia in V Rising, we recommend you have a Gear Score that is 75+. This is also because the mobs that guard Voltatia the Power Master are suitably strong, and making your way through them unscathed will be very hard to do at lower levels. Noteworthy, we used an Axe build for this fight; however, a Reaper build could also work, given that much of the battle with Voltatia will be performed from a range.


Blood Type

Alright, so with that out of the way, let's dive into Blood Type recommendations. We suggest Scholar Blood with a Blood Quality rating of 75%+. Using this Blood will help boost your spell damage by 12-25% and reduce spell cooldowns by 8-15%. It also offers a 20% chance to reset spell cooldowns, enabling a recast to deal additional magic damage. Of course, the damage amplification offered by Scholar Blood will rest solely on your offensive spell damage, so keep this in mind.

Otherwise, if you prefer a melee build against Voltatia in V Rising, you'll need Warrior or Brute Blood of 60%+. Warrior Blood will allow for damage reduction, meaning you can afford to be in more punishing positions in melee combat against Voltatia the Power Master. It also offers a 15% chance to parry attacks, reducing the damage by half while increasing your damage by 25% -- a massive buff! On the other hand, the Brute Blood will provide a +1 Gear Score and life leech that will provide you with much-needed sustain in close-quarters combat.


Travel Abilities

Regarding movement spells, you will either need the Veil of Chaos or the Veil of Blood. The Veil of Chaos is particularly useful because it has a recast, allowing you to use it a second time to reposition. This could also be useful to land your spells better while dodging. While this spell no longer offers bonus damage, it will inflict Ignite to burn Voltatia for 50% magic damage over 5s.

Alternatively, Veil of Blood will help to maintain your HP pool, allowing you to life leech 5% of maximum health off your next primary attack after jumping. The next primary attack also inflicts Leech. This couples well with your Brute or Warrior Blood, as you will need the added sustain in the melee range. 

Defensive Abilities

For Defensive spells, we highly recommend Power Surge (unlocked by defeating Azariel the Sunbringer), as it allows you to save yourself and your allies. Once cast, it will provide a 25% movement speed buff while increasing attack speed by 25%, enabling you to deal more damage or evade attacks. While under the spell's effects, your attacks also inflict Ignite for 4s. In addition to the damage block, which is (obviously) great for melee fighters, it also removes negative debuff on those it is cast upon.


Offensive Abilities

Regarding offensive abilities required to beat Voltatia the Power Master in V Rising, the best spell by far is Void. It deals 90% magic damage at the target location and inflicts Ignite on enemies caught in the blast. The best part is that Void has two charges that, if stacked correctly, allow you to dish out 10 seconds of Ingite on top of the 2x 90% magic damage attacks. Moreover, it is not a projectile but a target area ability, which is important for this fight. We will elaborate on the importance of this in the next section.

Voltatia's Moveset

In V Rising, Voltatia the Power Master will start with a range of electrical attacks that are fairly easy to dodge but deal moderate damage. So stay evasive and damage Voltatia whenever the opportunity arises. In particular, concentrate on maintaining your health rather than dealing substantial damage at this point in the fight. The key here is to have patience. It will pay off.

Keep this up, and Voltatia the Power Master will start the next phase by conjuring a clone. Now, shift focus on being more on the offensive. Voltatia's clone will use offensive and defensive abilities, both dealing equally high damage. One of the defensive abilities is a dome of electrical energy that blocks projectiles and those that stray too close.


The second defensive ability will be that of Lightning Curtain. This is where Voltatia will summon a wall of electrical energy, blocking all projectiles you launch at it. You will also take damage if you stray too close to the curtain. Now you may be wondering: how do I counter these two defensive abilities? Well, we have you covered because this is where Void Shines. Since Void is a target area ability, it can be cast over the curtain to damage Voltatia. Beyond this, you can easily punish Voltatia and the clone with the two charges, so you never have to worry about only damaging one of them.

Continue to spam Void and dodge Voltatia's attacks while ensuring you don't land hits on the dome or curtain. The Ultimate Abilities Crimson Beam (beat Raziel the Shepherd) or Heartstrike (defeat Willfred the Werewolf Chief) will prove useful to finish Voltatia the Power Master off as both restore health and deal massive damage. Note at 50% health, Voltatia the Power Master will drop Health Orbs, but those might not carry you to the end of the fight. Therefore, we recommend Crimson Beam or Heartstrike. With that, you are now well-equipped to beat Voltatia the Power Master in V Rising.

V Rising: Voltatia The Power Master Rewards

You will receive the following rewards for beating Voltatia the Power Master in V Rising: Lightning Curtain (Storm Ability), Power Core (Crafting Recipe), and EMP (Crafting Recipe).

  • Lightning Curtain: Summon a curtain of lightning that blocks projectiles for up to 2.5s. Inflicts Static and periodically deals 25% magic damage to enemies that pass through the effect. Applies a fading buff called Haste that increases movement speed by 40% for 3s to allies that pass through.
  • Power Core: This is a component that you can refine at the Fabricator. It requires 4x Charged Batteries + 8x Radium Alloy to craft. This resource is important for crafting late-game crafting like Legendary weapons.
  • EMP: This is a consumable that allows you to disable electrical sources (hint: you'll need it for your battle against Adam the Firstborn). You can refine it at the Fabricator. It requires 4x Power Core + 12x Iron Ingot to craft.

Voltatia the Power Master's V Blood description reads:

The trusted Right Hand of Doctor Henry Blackbrew, Voltatia is responsible for the maintenance and protection of the entire electric pipeline of Gloomrot, providing the region with its much-needed energy supply. A stern professional and a born leader, Voltatia operates with a psychotic efficiency and has little emotional desire beyond keeping The Doctor's operation running smoothly.

And that's everything you need to know about how to defeat Voltatia the Power Master in V Rising. But why stop there? Did you know we have an expansive library of in-depth V Rising boss guides? Yep! No kidding. Learn how to beat baddies like Gorecrusher the Behemoth, The Winged Horror, Solarus the Immaculate, and even Adam the Firstborn right now!

V Rising Voltatia The Power Master: How To Beat, Location & Rewards FAQ

Where can I find Voltatia the Power Master in V Rising?

Voltatia is located in the Trancendum Power Plant in Gloomrot North. Clear the high-level mobs in the area to reach the arena near the top of the facility.

What rewards do I get for defeating Voltatia the Power Master in V Rising?

Defeating Voltatia rewards you with Lightning Curtain (Storm Ability), Power Core (Crafting Recipe), and EMP (Crafting Recipe). These items have useful effects and crafting applications.