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How To get Bot Lobbies In Warzone 2

If, for some reason, you want to get into Warzone 2 bot lobbies, here is how you can do it.
How To get Bot Lobbies In Warzone 2

For those who don’t know, the term bot lobbies don’t mean that there will be actual bots in it; instead, it suggests that the occupying players are relatively new to Warzone 2 or have a low K/D ratio. However, it is difficult to guess the skill of the players you match in the lobby. 

If you're a regular player, these bot lobbies are easy to play in and will help you achieve a high-kill game or a victory at the end. Infinity Ward has since introduced a Skill-Based Matchmaking System (SBMM) to Warzone 2, but not everyone is a fan.

If you are one of the players who just wants to have some fun while playing Warzone 2, and not counter the sweaty players, you can use the methods below to enter into bot lobbies.

Best Ways To Get Bot Lobbies In Warzone 2

Warzone 2 gets a new SBMM system that matches with the same K/D players.
Warzone 2 gets a new SBMM system that matches with the same K/D players. (Picture: Activision)

There are many different ways to get bot lobbies in Warzone 2, but here we discuss the most simple and popular methods that players use regularly. While Activision hasn't stopped anyone from intentionally trying to enter bot lobbies, we recommend you avoid doing so. Instead, grinding the game against players of your level to improve your skills ensures the experience stays fair for everyone. With that in mind, here are the different ways you try to get into bot lobbies in Warzone 2:

Turn Off Crossplay

This might be the easiest way to get into the bot lobbies, although you can only turn off crossplay settings if you are playing on consoles. Turning off crossplay settings will allow you to match with other console players only. Players who play on PCs with Mouse and Keyboards have a slight advantage with their movements and aiming, making for more difficult opponents.

Although it's not guaranteed that the players you will match have a huge skill gap, it will be comparatively more straightforward compared to the players on PCs.

Reverse Boosting

Taking a few downs to change your K/D ratio is one way to match with lower skilled players. (Picture: Activision)

Reverse Boosting is a well-known technique in the Call of Duty community to get bot lobbies, and is one of the most effective methods. The SBMM in Warzone 2 is dependent on the K/D stats of the players. This means if you have high K/D you will likely match with high K/D stats players, and if you have low K/D stats you will match with the same.

Therefore, you can lower your K/D by entering into games and purposely die as much as possible. By default, you can die twice in Warzone 2, once after you get into the game, and again if you win your Gulag fight, redeploy and die. You can also die more than twice in the game if your teammate buys you back and you die again, although this can only be done if you are playing with your friends. Another thing to keep in mind is your Modern Warfare 2 K/D stats don’t affect your Warzone 2 K/D stats.

Using A VPN

Another popular method to get into bot lobbies is by using VPNs. Using a VPN service, you can change your server location to a less populated region where the game is less prevalent, meaning the number of players will be comparatively less skilled compared to lobbies in Europe or America. Although using a VPN service to get into bot lobbies is the most frowned-upon method in the Call of Duty community.

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