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Is Warzone Season 6 The Last Season?

With Season 6 coming to Warzone, will this be the last season before the launch of Modern Warfare 3?
Is Warzone Season 6 The Last Season?

Despite the many Call of Duty games that have come and gone over the years, Call of Duty Warzone is a constant that players can regularly enjoy with updates every season. In each season change, guns are balanced out and new content is introduced for players to check out.

One of the interesting things about Warzone is how its seasons are lined up with the current mainline entry. Since the end of 2022, Warzone has been integrated with Modern Warfare 2. But with Modern Warfare 3 on the horizon, is Season 6 the last season for Warzone? We discuss that possibility here.

Is Warzone Ending After Season 6?

Warzone Ending
Warzone players want to make sure that they continue to get updates after the launch of Modern Warfare 3. (Picture: Activision)

Warzone is an interesting position. The seasonal updates for Warzone lined up perfectly with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. However, with the announcement that Modern Warfare 3 is on the way there are a lot of questions. The main one that people are worried about is Warzone ending after Season 6 is over.

The answer is yes and no. Yes, Warzone will stop having updates lined up with Modern Warfare 2. No, because we expect updates to continue for Warzone after the launch of Modern Warfare 3. So players shouldn't have to worry about their progress in Warzone being completely wiped out. There should be a new schedule, and new season, for Warzone after the launch of Modern Warfare 3.

Will Warzone Season 7 Launch With Modern Warfare 3?

Warzone Seasonal Updates With Modern Warfare 3
Warzone's seasonal updates could restart to match up with Modern Warfare 3. (Picture: Activision)

One thing that Call of Duty fans enjoyed is how simple it was to keep up with seasonal updates for Warzone. Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 shared the same seasonal numbers so everyone knew when to expect updates. With Modern Warfare 3 coming, should we expect to see a Season 7 for Warzone?

It's unlikely. Warzone is expected to reset to Season 1 after the launch of Modern Warfare 3. This will make pushing updates easier to follow for all Call of Duty fans. There is also the possibility that Modern Warfare 3 will start with Season 7, but that seems unlikely. It's also unlikely that Warzone and Modern Warfare 3 will have split seasons. Warzone is expected to reset to Season 1, with the launch of Modern Warfare 3 Season 1.

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