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Warzone 2 Season 5 Battle Pass: Tiers, Rewards, Highlights

A new Battle Pass is available as part of Warzone 2 Season 5, complete with new rewards, Operators and more.
Warzone 2 Season 5 Battle Pass: Tiers, Rewards, Highlights

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is the latest chapter in the famed Battle Royale, and players are anxious to get stuck into the massive update. New weapons, maps, and Operators are joining the game this update alongside a new exciting Battle Pass that will keep players happy this season.

Like most seasonal changes, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 both receive a complete (what feels like) makeover, throwing out the old and bringing in the new. Season 5 looks promising, bringing new fixes and new content to help improve the quality of the game for players. But for many players, its the seasonal rewards that come with the Battle Pass that are the most alluring.

Warzone 2 Season 5 Battle Pass: All Rewards Listed

Arthur is a brand new Operator exclusive to BlackCell. (Picture: Activision)

This season players are given the option between two Battle Passes to purchase, either the original or the premium BlackCell Battle Pass upgrade. The original Battle Pass grants you access to the new content within the Battle Pass itself, however, the BlackCell pass will give you access to all content in the regular Battle Pass and additional bonuses, including CoD Points.

The BlackCell pass will also earn you access to the BlackCell blueprint variants of weapon blueprints, deeming them slightly different from what basic Pass holders will obtain. This season, players will also gain access to the new Arthur Operator.

Here's what players stand to gain from the Season 5 Battle Pass: 

Instant unlock — Graves Operator

Graves will be immediately available for Battle Pass owners. (Picture: Activision)

Players who purchase the Season 05 Battle Pass, standard or BlackCell, can unlock immediate access to the Graves Operator skin. An Alt skin for Graves is available as part of BlackCell.

Instant Unlock — Oz Operator

Oz will be available instantly with his default skin. (Picture: Activision)

Like Graves, Oz will be available as an instant unlock for both standard and BlackCell Battle Pass owners. The instant unlock Sector for the this Battle Pass will include Graves and Oz with their default Skins. It also will award the blue and silver “Take Point” Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint, the  “Lucena” Shotgun Weapon Blueprint, and a 10% Battle Pass boost. 

King Hunter — Assault Rifle (Sector E1, HVT)

The King Hunter Assault Rifle Blueprint. (Picture: Activision)

The cobalt-blue Assault Rifle Blueprint is unlockable at the normal starting position in the Battle Pass. BlackCell owners receive the “King Hunter BlackCell” Weapon Blueprint, with a black-and-gold finish and Tracer Rounds  

Carrack .300 Sniper Rifle (Sector E7, HVT, Free)

The Carrick .300 Sniper Rifle (Picture: Activision)

The Carrack .300 Sniper Rifle is a new weapon, unlockable as part of the free Battle Pass offerings. This is a semi-auto bullpup sniper rifle with a high fire rate. 

FR Avancer Assault Rifle (Sector E8, HVT, Free)

The new FR Avancer Assault Rifle. (Picture: Activision)

The FR Avancer Assault Rifle is also a free unlock for the Battle Pass. Featuring a high rate of fire and excellent maneuverability. This AR is perfect for close or mid-range combat, provided you can learn its recoil pattern. 

Banneret — SMG (Sector E12, HVT)

The striking blue Banneret Blueprint. (Picture: Activision)

Based off the SMG from Season 04, the “Banneret” is a Shadow Company–themed weapon featuring a skull design and a balanced attachment setup.

“The Bishop” Skins for Alex (Sector E13, HVT)

“The Bishop” Skin for Alex. (Picture: Activision)

A new skin for Operator Alex, and BlackCell variant, featuring helmet, ammo vest and more. The BlackCell variant features golden accents. 

“Bad Bishop” Skins for Roze (Sector E14, HVT)

“Bad Bishop” Skin for Roze. (Picture: Activision)

A new skin for Operator Roze, and BlackCell variant, equipping her in armor and mask. The BlackCell variant features Roze with a golden mask. 

Raider — Battle Rifle (Sector E14, Non-HVT)

The Raider Weapon Blueprint (Picture: Activision)

Another Shadow Company Blueprint — the Raider. This striking blue Weapon Blueprint features a skill decal and precision sight picture.

“The Rook” Skins for Ghost (Sector E17, HVT)

“The Rook” Skin for Ghost. (Picture: Activision)

A new skin for Operator Ghost, and BlackCell variant. Perfect look for the desert environment of Fort Resurgence. BlackCell variant recolors the skin with black and gold. 

Tier 100 Rewards

Completing the Battle Pass map with 100% completion unlocks access to the final Victory Section, which includes the following items:

  • “Grandmaster” Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • “Shadow 0-1” Tier 100 Skin for Graves
  • “Onslaught” Tier 100 Skin for Oz
  • “Knight 5” Emblem
  • 300 COD Points
“Shadow 0-1” Tier 100 Skin for Graves. (Picture: Activision)

Additional highlights from the Season 5 Battle Pass include:

  • Sector E2 -  “Wheeled Steed” Dirt Bike 
  • Sector E15 - “Magnitude” Heavy Tank Skin 
  • Sector 19 - Velikan Operator Skin
  • Sector 6 - Mila Operator Skin

All these rewards are redeemable for both Battle Pass holders and the BlackCell upgrade, however, BlackCell holders will have the ability to obtain "upgraded" variants, with some rewards having BlackCell options. These BlackCell choices will mostly consist of aesthetical differences, making them more appealing visually. 

The Warzone 2 Season 5 Battle Pass is available from the start of Season 5, beginning August 2, 2023. Players will have until the end of the season to unlock all rewards. 

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