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Discord show off new look for 6th birthday

The platform revealed a spectacular makeover during their sixth-anniversary stream on YouTube.
Discord show off new look for 6th birthday

Discord will go down in history as one of the most important and prolific platforms in the gaming industry ever.

The voice and text chatting software just turned six years old this 13th May and threw an online bash to celebrate -- with surprises, party favours and even a makeover reveal.

Clyde, Discord’s well-established mascot, plus the colour palette and wordmark have all been addressed for a more modern, bolder look.

The changes are effective immediately and can be seen all over the Discord website, app and social media.

discord rebrand new look clyde mascotClyde at last showing raw emotion after six long years. (Picture: Discord)

The most notable changes, unlike many other rebrandings, are all of the changes. The wordmark went from all-caps to title case and to a modified Ginto font, the palette changed from pastel and washed colours to a darker look -- and, of course, Clyde is looking clean.

The fan-favourite controller-like creature got its antennas thickened and its legs boldened to make it easier to print physical and/or smaller surfaces whilst still remaining as charming as ever.

The insurmountably awesome article by Discord’s Nelly goes into full detail for all you design, marketing and communication geeks. It is definitely worth your time and read.

Discord will now have a new slogan printed almost everywhere you can think of: “Imagine a Place”, turning everything you dream your Discord server, chat or experience, in general, can be is just one thought away.

Make sure to let them know your thoughts and feedback as we sure are loving their Clyde, we like your cut, g.