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DrDisrespect cake created by Natalie Sideserf is as realistic as it is tasty

Natalie Sideserf made a hyper-realistic cake of DrDisrespect to celebrate his return to streaming on YouTube.
DrDisrespect cake created by Natalie Sideserf is as realistic as it is tasty

On 7th August 2020, Herschel "DrDisrespect" Beahm IV made a triumphant return to streaming on YouTube after his Twitch ban, with half a million fans tuning in for his first stream. One of these fans celebrated his return in a very unique way, creating a hyperrealistic DrDisrespect cake, and we just want to have a slice.


The DrDisrespect Cake

The amazing DrDisrespect cake was created by Natalie Sideserf, who has been baking these types of hyperrealistic cakes since 2011. She shares a new cake on her YouTube channel every Monday, and this one deserves a place in the Champions Club.

The DrDisrespect cake captures the likeness of Herschel Beahm IV to the point where you might not even want to eat it, but for DrDisrespect fans, it does look tasty. 

DrDisrespect even took to Twitter to share this mind-blowing creation with his fans.




Natalie Sideserf's talent is without question, as she herself is a two-time champion, for baking cakes. 

In the video below, Natalie Sideserf shows exactly how she managed to create such a tasty piece of art to celebrate the return of DrDisrespect.

With this DrDisrespect cake, and his return to streaming via YouTube, Herschel Beahm IV might just have his cake and eat it too.