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H3H3 gets 7-day suspension on YouTube after Keemstar allegedly protests YouTube's CEO

H3H3's Ethan Klein claims Keem talked directly to YouTube about getting the H3 podcast channel suspended.
H3H3 gets 7-day suspension on YouTube after Keemstar allegedly protests YouTube's CEO

The years-old feud between Ethan Klein of H3H3 and the king of YouTube drama, Keemstar, continues as H3H3 claims that his H3 Podcast channel got banned for a week because Keem "cried to YouTube".

The H3 Podcast announced on 11th August that they are suspended from posting on YouTube for seven days, and Keemstar immediately reacted with a Twitter video, celebrating the two strikes for the H3 Podcast channel.

In the video, Keemstar claims that "justice has been served" and that YouTube's rules are finally being applied to everyone.

"The stuff that is said on that podcast to bully and harass other creators would never fly on anyone else's channel," Keem said.

Keemstar claims that it has been "suspected" that Ethan was responsible for getting Keem warnings and even for getting controversial creator Leafyishere's channel completely removed, saying that Leafy's content is "very tame" compared to Ethan's podcast.

H3H3 keemstar drama suspension
Keem doesn't hide that he would love to bully Ethan. (Picture: Keemstar)

Keem claims that "everyone has to play by the rules" but that the rules do not apply to the H3 Podcast and Ethan "who has been harassing so many f***ing creators."

"I don't know why he was protected before, and why this went on as long as it did, but I must say I'm, I guess, happy that YouTube is finally doing something."

In response, Ethan says that Keem "lied and cried" about Ethan's involvement in Keem's suspension, claiming that he is not responsible for that, while he claims that the H3 Podcast got suspended because he was "making fun of his creepy ass dating a 20-year-old."

"And he somehow knew this information before we did and posted immediately meaning he 100% was talking with YouTube about it. Imagine being this much of a hypocrite. See you guys in a week," Ethan tweeted out.

Ethan accused Keem of being a hypocrite as he was sending him "multiple pictures of horses to imply my wife looks like a horse", which Keem denies.

"Fax, I never called his wife a horse. I simply tweeted him horse pictures because I heard he liked them & I was trying to cheer him up," Keem replied.

In another video, Keem says that Ethan was saying "crazy stuff" about him for an entire year and that he was unable to respond because he respects the rules of YouTube.

"You've enjoyed special privilege on this platform forever, and it is not fair for everyone else to be silenced while you can bully and harass people," Keem said. "If they would take the muzzle off me and let me go at you, fine, nobody gets a strike, nobody gets in trouble, we could just sit here and roast each other."

h3h3 Ethan keemstar drama
Ethan claims Keemstar "cried to YouTube" to get them suspended. (Picture: H3H3)

Keem says that he likes to make fun of Ethan and "would still do that today" if he was allowed to.

"But unfortunately, that is not the current landscape of YouTube, and it is not fair for you to be able to do one thing, and me, a fellow YouTuber, to not be able to do one thing, so I'm sorry, you gonna have to start playing by the f***ing rules now," Keem concluded.

The two YouTube stars went on to call out each other on Twitter for the rest of the day in what seems like a never-ending drama which had its first big escalation a year ago with the infamous "Content Nuke" video, which was Ethan's response to some of Keem's accusations.

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