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KSI Claims YouTube Employee Stole $10K+ In Gift Cards From Scheduled Video

YouTube superstar KSI claimed that over $10,000 worth of Amazon gift cards were stolen from a video he had scheduled.
KSI Claims YouTube Employee Stole $10K+ In Gift Cards From Scheduled Video

On 26th November 2022, popular YouTuber Olajide "KSI" Olatunji claimed that more than $10,000 worth of Amazon gift cards were stolen from him. The YouTuber supposedly had these gift card codes embedded in one of his upcoming Try Not To Laugh videos on YouTube, but they were redeemed before going live on the platform.

KSI claimed that his editor Mo, who edited the video, and himself couldn't have been responsible for stealing the gift cards and subsequently called out YouTube, stating that an employee that had access to checking the video for demonization must've stolen the codes.

ksi editor stolen youtuber youtube amazon gift cards
KSI claims that a YouTube employee stole $10,000 in Amazon gift cards from an unpublished video.

This news comes after KSI publicly Tweeted, "Well... No point trying to collect the gift cards in the latest Try Not To Laugh. It's been claimed before the video is even out. It's not me; It's not Mo, the only person that's watched the video is someone at YouTube to check whether the video should be demonetized or not."

In addition to this statement, KSI said that he'd be contacting YouTube and seeking to resolve this issue and find out who stole from him. The YouTuber said, "I'm going to find out who the person that works for YouTube is because this isn't it. Bro just made $10,000 in Amazon gift cards."

Some users online have questioned whether Mo had stolen the gift cards; however, given that KSI's editor is paid handsomely for each video edit and that they've been working for KSI for seven years, it's highly improbable Mo was responsible. Likewise, it's even more unlikely that KSI stole the gift cards since he's a multimillionaire who earns ten times that amount in a few days.

That said, KSI said that he was looking to find the culprit that stole those gift cards. So hopefully, the internet star can contact YouTube to confirm if one of their employees had stolen the gift cards before the video was published.

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All featured images are courtesy of Instagram via KSI.