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Ludwig banned from YouTube after video is flagged for “child safety”

Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber, Ludwig Ahgren, got banned from YouTube for a week following a "child safety" issue.
Ludwig banned from YouTube after video is flagged for “child safety”

Update: Ludwig has been unbanned following an investigation by the YouTube team. 

YouTube replied to Ludwig, stating: "Following up – we heard back from our team and your video has been reinstated with age restriction. You should be able to continue uploading videos, let us know if you're seeing otherwise."

Update ends, original article follows.

Ludwig Ahgren (or simply, “Ludwig”) is popular on Twitch and YouTube for his Super Smash Bros content but is also known as an esports commentator (and to a limited extent, competitor). He is regarded as one of the most popular streamers on Twitch and holds the record of “highest all-time subscriptions” on the platform, and until recently, the longest subathon time before it got smashed by Starcraft caster, Jared “PiG” Krensel, this month.

It, therefore, came as a huge shock when he announced that he has been banned from YouTube, following one of his videos being flagged for “child safety”. The ban marks the end of a 618 day upload streak and the first time he won’t upload in nearly 2 years. Talk about a big oof.

What video got Ludwig banned?

Ludwig banned youtube child safety what video(Picture: Twitch / Ludwig)

The announcement came a mere 40 minutes from the time of publishing (07:30 BST on 15th June), so the details surrounding the ban remain a blur.

One thing is for sure though, fans are definitely not happy, posting many angry Pepe memes. One user vented their frustration, saying, “youtube’s so incredibly cringe sometimes, f*** that noise”.

Some fans speculate that he may have been banned due to his most recent video upload, titled “Why dog shock collars should be illegal”, which involved him proceeding to use the shock collar on himself to see how much it hurt.

Indeed, the video could be construed as containing acts of self-harm, which presumably may encourage younger viewers to do the same. Oddly enough though, this video is still publicly available.

Other fans speculate that the ban is due to a video showing a child having poo flung at them by a baboon. If this is the case, then it wouldn’t make sense for YouTube to ban Ludwig, since his upload was merely a reaction video (specifically, one part of his, “You Laugh, You Lose” series of videos) to a video already posted on YouTube. What gives, bro?

Ludwig has been banned from YouTube for a week. We’ll provide further updates on the ban as more details are made available.

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