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Ludwig banned from YouTube in less than 72 hours on the platform

After only two days on the Google-owned streaming platform, YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren was slammed with his first ban, presumably because of a DMCA strike by the Baby Shark corporate overlords.
Ludwig banned from YouTube in less than 72 hours on the platform

Famous internet streaming icon Ludwig Ahgren recently shocked fans when he announced that YouTube Gaming would be his new exclusive home for streaming, despite smashing Twitch's records of being the most-subscribed streamer in the platform's history. However, things are not off to a great start after YouTube hit the former Twitch star with a ban from streaming just two days after moving to its platform.

Ludwig hit with YouTube  streaming ban two days after big switch

On 2nd December, Ludwig's YouTube Livestream was interrupted by a suspension notice, which read, "Stream Unavailable. Stream suspended for policy violations," while at least 20,000 fans were watching.

Ludwig Ahgren was hit with his first ban on YouTube Gaming
Ludwig Ahgren was hit with his first ban on YouTube Gaming. (Picture: YouTube / Ludwig)

Naturally, Ludwig immediately posted about the incident on Twitter, writing, "You could say the switch has been going well", and attached a screenshot of the YouTube Livestream's suspension notice.

As you can see from the video clip below, Ludwig reacted to a YouTube video when they took down his stream, which led some fans to speculate that he was viewing copyrighted content. However, Ludwig confirmed why YouTube revoked his streaming privileges in a later video. 

Why did YouTube ban Ludwig from streaming?

"What happened was I was trying to look at the top fifty greatest vintage YouTube videos [and] along the way, I ended up listening to a few seconds of Baby Shark, which I won't dare listen to again," Ludwig said.

The YouTube streamer continued, saying, "I'm pretty sure the corporate overloads that own Baby Shark have an iron fist on YouTube, and so they took me down."

ludwig banned streaming youtube baby shark dmca
Ludwig claims the Baby Shark overlords were responsible for his streaming suspension. (Picture: YouTube / Ludwig)

Ludwig contends that YouTube's DMCA policy may be "a little more of a concern" than initially thought. He further explained that he thought YouTube's "robust content ID system" would have flagged the video and then taken the monetization from the stream; however, "Baby Shark doesn't work like that."

At this time, there's no knowing how long the suspension will last. However, Ludwig is still able to upload video content to his channel. Hopefully, YouTube will restore his streaming rights and have mercy on Ludwig, who is still relatively new as a streamer on the platform.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Ludwig & Unsplash.