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MrBeast reaches 50 million subscribers on YouTube

The famous content creator reached an impressive milestone to start 2021 as his fame continues to rise thanks to incredible charitable stunts.
MrBeast reaches 50 million subscribers on YouTube

Jimmy Donaldson, better known to the masses as MrBeast, celebrated a huge milestone just as 2021 kicked-off, as his YouTube channel officially reached 50 million subscribers.

Donaldson tweeted out this 3rd of January how immensely grateful he was for all the support received over the years which has helped him crack the top 20 list of most subscribed channels on YouTube.


"Literally all I do every single hour of every day is obsess over how I can make the best videos possible and you have no idea how happy it makes me to see support like this," MrBeast mentioned, adding a picture of the YouTube milestone.

mrbeast youtube(Picture: MrBeast)

MrBeast reaches 50 million subscribers

Donaldson is known for his popular videos where he gives exorbitant amounts of money away. Sometimes to random people, fans, charity or even to other famous content creators, MrBeast doesn't shy away from spending cash on a good cause.

His entrepreneurship combined with his adventurous heart also recently led him to open up a restaurant chain with over 300 locations. The joint, called MrBeast Burger, serves those interested in fast food a wide variety of burgers, beef, sandwiches, and more.

With over 8,496,006,240 views as of the time of writing, MrBeast's YouTube channel sits at number 17 in the list of most subscribed YouTube channels, still quite behind the current first place holder: Hindi channel, T-Series and their 166 million subs.

We're sure MrBeast's audience will continue growing at a fast rate, and who knows, maybe he'll be able to climb all the way to the top sooner rather than later.