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How to register to be in a MrBeast YouTube video

MrBeast is looking for non-US subscribers to appear in his future YouTube videos. Here's how to register your interest.
How to register to be in a MrBeast YouTube video

Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is one of the biggest content creators on YouTube and is continuing to amass a large following thanks to his creative and entertaining videos. His subscribers have continuously asked how to be featured in a MrBeast video throughout his YouTube career, and he has finally provided an answer.

Taking to social media, the YouTuber uploaded a Google Form for his subscribers to complete if they wish to appear in a future video. Even so, it did gain some criticism as he stated that he was looking for non-US subscribers to appear in his videos.

How to feature in MrBeast's YouTube videos

MrBeast posted to Twitter on 13th May 2022 that he's looking to cast people for future video content. Nevertheless, he outlined that he's specifically looking for people living outside of the United States to be featured, as he included a Google Form document for eager participants to complete.

According to the Google Form document, with the plethora of fun and exciting projects in production, he wants his subscribers to actively participate in the video content. "We do have a process to be entered into the video database; the first step is to fill out this form! What this form allows us to do is get to know you before we contact you!"

Furthermore, it prompts participants that the form's purpose may be to collect information; however, it won't ask for any payment information from them. Instead, the only thing they can do is subscribe to his channel.

mrbeast how to register registration google form youtube channel subscribe
The only cost to be in a MrBeast video is to subscribe to his YouTube channel. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

To register to be in a MrBeast YouTube video, you'll need to complete the form by answering the questions provided. While it does ask a few generic questions, including your name, date of birth, and contact details, it also requires you to fill out whether you're currently a MrBeast subscriber and the duration.

Persons living outside the United States will be asked if they have a valid passport and which country and language/s they speak. Lastly, all participants will be requested, should they be selected, whether they can travel out to the location as he'll cover all travel costs "to and from the shoot."

mrbeast how to register registration google form youtube channel subscribe travel costs
According to the Google Form document, MrBeast will pay for all travel costs to and from the shoot's location if selected. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

Once you've completed the form, the next steps will have participants receive a Zoom call with the casting team. This will schedule an interview date with the team before the selection process begins.

The responses have been mixed; some questioned why he's looking for non-US subscribers to feature in his videos. In response to one tweet, the YouTuber responded, "People in the US can submit as well! Just specifically, at this moment, I want to mix things up a bit."

Regardless, there is excitement amongst his community who have been wanting to appear in MrBeast's video. If you wish to register, the link to the Google Form is posted on his Twitter account, or you can check out the form here.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / MrBeast & Unsplash / Christian Wiediger.