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Supermega duo sues editor for embezzling $60k

SuperMega is suing their long-time editor for embezzling $60,000. Here's everything we know so far about the ongoing situation.
Supermega duo sues editor for embezzling $60k

YouTube creators Ryan Magee and Matt Watson, known officially as Supermega, are suing their long-time editor and friend, Jackson Tucker. The action is being brought after Tucker allegedly embezzled over $60,000 on a company credit card.

The money is believed to have been spent mostly on frivolous things, including food and assorted merchandise. It's an ongoing case still developing and there is still much to be learned, but here is everything we know thus far.

SuperMega suing their editor for $60,000

Tucker had been working with the duo for years to help run their podcast, YouTube channel, and even live shows. (Image: SuperMega)

On 15th April 2022, a Redditor posted an official court document (public record in California), showing that Ryan Magee and Matt Watson of SuperMega are suing Tucker for over $60,000.

The full complaint document features an itemized list of the items Tucker purchased using the SuperMega company card, including over $10,000 in alochol, $40 on Minions merchandise at Universal Studios, a $500 Persona box set, and $400 on a trip to San Diego to achieve his "childhood dream of meeting koalas."

Tucker claimed that he thought the card he was using was his father's card, and that all the charges were a "mistake." Tucker started making the fraudulent purchases in January 2020 and continued making them until the lawsuit was filed in early 2022.

Tucker deleted his Twitter account on 17th April 2022, two days after the lawsuit surfaced on Reddit.

Jackson Tucker's Discord history

Tucker spent most of the money on alcohol, shopping, and food. (Image: Jackson Tucker on Instagram(

Tucker had mentioned embezzling money from Magee and Watson online before, but fans likely thought he was joking at the time. Fans recently posted screenshots from Tucker's Discord where he discussed embezzling money in December 2020. "Honestly I don't think they would notice," Tucker wrote. "I'm too good at embezzling."

"I'm not saying how much I take, but let's just say it's the equivalent of taking $20 from somebody with $100,000," he added. SuperMega has not commented on the situation aside from one official statement on their Twitter account.

"In regards to the lawsuit involving ourselves and Jackson, please do not use this as an opportunity to witch-hunt, harass, dox, or be uncivil to anyone," the duo posted on their official Twitter account. "It’s an ongoing matter and we will keep you updated as we see fit."

That's all we know about the situation right now, but we'll update you as soon as we know more.


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