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Twitch Streamer Fuslie Signs Exclusive Contract With YouTube Gaming

100 Thieves content creator Leslie “Fuslie” Ann Fu joins the long list of streamers leaving Twitch for competitor YouTube Gaming.
Twitch Streamer Fuslie Signs Exclusive Contract With YouTube Gaming

On 6th September 2022, 100 Thieves content creator Leslie “Fuslie” Ann Fu announced that she would be leaving Twitch to stream exclusively on rival streaming platform YouTube Gaming. Her departure from Twitch marks an end to about seven years on the Amazon-owned platform and comes after fellow friends Ali “Myth” Kabbani and Lily "Lily Pichu" Ki's moved to YouTube a few months ago.

Twitch Star Fuslie Leaves Twitch For YouTube Gaming

fuslie 1.2 million followers twitch
Fuslie has 1.2 million followers on Twitch. (Picture: Twitter / Fuslie)

This latest move is massive news for Offline TV fans, as it means yet another beloved member of the group has made the switch from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, making navigating content all the more easier. For Fuslie, this is also a significant step in her career.

To date, Fusli has garnered a community of over 1.2 million followers on Twitch, with YouTube offering her an opportunity to extend her reach to millions more. Fuslie announced the transition in a nearly two-minute-long video on Twitter. The content creator vlogged her experience looking to buy an instrument in a shop she could play. 

fuslie left twitch exclusively stream youtube
Fuslie has left Twitch to stream exclusively on YouTube. (Picture: Instagram / Fuslie)

While looking at various sized and colored guitars (a note to the hilarious clip of Fuslie getting caught with her “guitar” under the bed in 2018), she found her favorite one out of them. The content creator tested it out, singing and jamming with her friends, Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, Lily Pichu, Sykkuno, and Michael Reeves, concluding the video with the YouTube Gaming reveal.

In a follow-up Tweet, Fuslie thanked everyone for the warm welcome to YouTube Gaming, saying, “All the comments got me in the feels! Thank you for all the kind words today. I was really nervous [about posting].” The content creator told fans to keep an eye out for the behind-the-scenes footage of the reveal since “the band wasn't sounding too hot in real life.”

It’s uncertain how the exodus of Twitch streamers to YouTube Gaming will affect the Amazon-owned platform. But one thing is for sure: Fuslie’s starting a new journey on the platform, alongside her friends, who also stream on YouTube. Fans can find her streaming on the platform starting 7th September 2022.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube Gaming and Instagram via Fuslie.