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Valkyrae shocks fans into thinking she's quitting YouTube

YouTube megastar Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter had some fans worried after she joked about her plans to retire once she reached the end of her streaming contract.
Valkyrae shocks fans into thinking she's quitting YouTube

Earlier this month, famous YouTube Gaming star and 100 Thieves co-owner Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter revealed she had roughly 198 hours remaining on her exclusive streaming contract with the Google-owned content platform; an incident that Valkyrae said landed her in trouble.

Since then, Valkyrae has continued to stream to her fans and is fast approaching the end of her contractual obligations. Followingly, many fans wondered what the YouTube streamer's next moves would be; however, Valkyrae saw that as an opportunity to troll her fans by joking about her retirement.

Valkyrae trolls fans joking about retiring from YouTube

Valkyrae joked that she was turning 30 years old in a few weeks in a YouTube Livestream. "I understand you zoomers and youth can stay up all night and eat your hot Cheetos [...], but Granny Rae can't do stuff like that anymore," she said.

Valkyrae, or "Granny Rae" joked about her retirement from streaming.
Valkyrae, or "Granny Rae", joked about her retirement from streaming. (Picture: YouTube / Valkyrae)

Valkyrae continued, saying, "Granny Rae is gonna be over the hill in about a few weeks," before bursting out with laughter. The YouTube star, with a smile on her face, said, "It's almost time, it's almost time to retire."

Of course, Valkyrae was only joking about her retirement, although many fans in the Live Chat weren't as thrilled, as her joke undoubtedly struck a chord.

"Rae, are you actually retiring or did you mean retiring from YouTube," one user commented. "No retiring what the [heck]," said another user. A third said, "you better not surprise us with retirement; we need time to process something like that."

Previously, Valkyrae noted that she would eventually "pivot" away from streaming to focus more on her business and investments, but she doesn't know when that will be.

While we aren't yet sure what Valkyrae plans to do at the end of her YouTube contract, our best guess is that she will renew her contract and continue streaming on the platform.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Valkyrae.