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YouTuber Pyrocynical rubbishes grooming accusations

Pyrocynical posted a video as a response to the latest document accusing him of grooming a 15-years-old boy.
YouTuber Pyrocynical rubbishes grooming accusations

Over the past few months, British YouTuber Niall "Pyrocynical" Comas has been involved in a grooming scandal, which included him and Twitter user Ivory Rasmus.

It all started on 29th October, when Pyrocynical was accused of grooming Ivory when Pyrocynical was 19 and Ivory was 15.

After a few weeks, Pyrocynical released a statement on Reddit, where he categorically denied these claims, saying that he never knew Ivory's age, that everything was consensual, that those conversations were only fantasy role-playing, and that there was never any intention for actual sexual activity beyond role-playing while chatting.

Pyrocynical grooming response
(Picture: Pyrocynical)

It seemed that this story was behind us, but a few days ago, YouTuber Turkey Tom released a statement named "Proving Pyrocynical’s Guilt".

Turkey Tom's document aims to "debunk" arguments provided by Pyrocynical in his Reddit post and provide additional proof against him. It claims Pyrocynical was well aware of Ivory's age at the time of their correspondence and that Pyrocynical had sexual intentions towards Ivory.

As a response, Pyrocynical has released a lengthy video, where he calls Turkey Tom's statement "a poorly written Google doc".

He reiterates that the allegations were “categorically untrue and a complete lie” and that this new evidence is "paper-thin and embarrassingly wrong".

He repeats that he didn't know Ivory was 15 at the time but admits that it was his responsibility to verify his age, and he should have known better. 

As with his original response, Pyrocynical doesn't deny that he was involved in a furry role-play group and that he did engage such chats with Ivory, but that he never knew what Ivory looked like because that was irrelevant to him.

His main argument is that there was never any sexual intentions and that almost no personal information was shared. He never asked for nudes, nor did he send any, and that's something that was confirmed by Ivory as well.

Speaking about a leaked message of his breakdown where he's saying how he is afraid that everyone is going to find out about his activities, he explains that his fear was over his role-playing fetish, not because he was grooming Ivory.

"This has been twisted into making it seem that I'm guilty of grooming a 15-year-old," he explains."I think it's quite obvious what I'm actually worried about. I didn't want the public to find out that I was a complete degenerate and into this furry roleplaying sh*t."

Pyrocynical grooming leak
One of many leaks used against Pyrocynical (Picture: Pyrocynical)

Pyrocynical states that people are twisting his words and misinterpret parts of his statement while ignoring the rest.

"I'm just, again, amazed how people have read this document and just believe it at face value."

Ultimately, Pyrocynical states that despite grooming allegations being completely false and fabricated, he acknowledges that this whole thing was "incredibly irresponsible" of him and that he is aware of his mistakes, and because of that, he wants to apologize.

"I want to directly say something to Ivory, and apologize to him and to anyone else I did the furry role-playing garbage with. What seemed consensual and reciprocal may very well not have been. It is not my place to decide, it happened, it was my responsibility to verify age, and I never did, and I'm sorry for that. You shouldn't have been put in that situation and it was stupid of me to message people about this furry stuff without taking into account the influence of my platform, especially considering how sexual the tone of these messages was."

At the time of writing this article, Ivory Rasmus is yet to comment on Pyrocynical’s response video.