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The Best Dead By Daylight DLC To Buy, Ranked!

Which Dead by Daylight DLC is best to buy? Let's answer that question here so you can purchase the best killers and survivors.
The Best Dead By Daylight DLC To Buy, Ranked!

The horror game Dead by Daylight certainly has a lot of diverse characters to choose from, and this is one reason why many fans love the game so much. As of now, the game has almost 30 purchasable DLCs, some of which include better killers and survivors than others. You might not realize, too, that some packs come with fewer characters than other DLCs.

To help you decide with Dead by Daylight DLC you should buy, in this article, we'll rank each and every downloadable chapter in the game Dead by Daylight. We'll discuss why we like or dislike each DLC, and whether it's worth what you'll pay for it.

1 June 2023 - We've updated this article to include all of the newest killer and survivor DLCs in Dead by Daylight.

29 - Ghost Face

ghost face dead by daylight
While Ghost Face is an iconic character, Dead by Daylight's Ghost Face DLC falls flat. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Ghost Face is an absolutely iconic character. While the Ghost Face DLC will no doubt be a fun and exciting purchase for fans of the classic character, there are a few downsides to this DLC that put it at the bottom of the list. 

First, Dead by Daylight's Ghost Face isn't the one from Scream or Scary Movie; instead, it's the game's own original character, Danny Johnson. Fans will either need to purchase another outfit to look like the classic Ghost Face, if they're hoping for a dose of nostalgia, or the Scary Movie Ghost Face, if they're hoping for some laughs.

Second, this DLC only comes with one killer, no survivor, and no map. Considering some DLCs - like Resident Evil - came with two survivors, a killer, and a new map, it's hard to justify purchasing just one killer by themselves.

28 - Hellraiser

pinhead dead by daylight killer
Pinhead arrived in the Fog alone. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Hellraiser DLC introduced a new killer, Pinhead from Hellraiser, into Dead by Daylight's Fog. Like The Ghost Face DLC, the Hellraiser DLC suffers from a major downside. It only comes with one killer, no survivor, and no map.

While Pinhead's ability is interesting and adds variety to the game, he has a high skill ceiling and might be challenging for new players to learn. Pinhead also has some pretty good perks, notably his Scourge Hook: Gift of Pain and Deadlock. The Hellraiser DLC might go over well with a niche audience, but it's definitely not a must-buy for the average player unless you really love his perks.

27 - Ash Vs Evil Dead

dead by daylight ash williams
Ash Williams is a great licensed character, but he doesn't come with a map or killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

You might notice a pattern emerging in the lowest ranks of our tier list: chapters that only include one character. Ash Vs Evil Dead fits in with the other chapters at the bottom of our list, only adding one new survivor, Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise, into the Fog. Ash is a popular licensed character and fans will no doubt enjoy playing as him, but it would have been great to see a new killer or even just a new map alongside him. 

If you're only buying characters for their gameplay value, though, this DLC isn't a terrible choice. Ash Williams' three teachable perks are pretty unique compared to other characters, and each of them allows for some fun and exciting plays.

26 - Left Behind

bill overbeck left 4 dead dead by daylight
Bill Overbeck comes free with most versions of the game. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Left Behind DLC comes with just one survivor, Left 4 Dead's Bill Overbeck. While he's sure to be a hit with fans of the Left 4 Dead franchise and his perks were once a part of the meta, Bill is no longer as powerful as he once was. His best perk, Borrowed Time, was made base-kit with some slight alterations. Thankfully, Bill comes by default with most versions of the game, meaning you won't need to buy him anyway.

25 - A Binding Of Kin

twins dead by daylight a binding of kin
A Binding of Kin is infamous for promoting the camping mechanic. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

A Binding of Kin hasnever been a popular chapter among fans. The killer, The Twins, is designed around camping, a not-so-enjoyable strategy for both killers and survivors. That said, it can be pretty interesting to be able to switch between two killers, so if this mechanic interests you a lot, this chapter might be worth it.

Survivor Elodie Rakoto doesn't bring any amazing perks to the table that are worth it for the average player, but if you want to make complex and fun plays, A Binding of Kin might be worth it for Elodie's Power Struggle and Deception.

24 - A Nightmare On Elm Street

a nigthmare on elm street freddy krueger
A Nightmare On Elm Street was one of Dead by Daylight's poorest licensed collaborations. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

A Nightmare On Elm Street is a prettylackluster chapter; it came with a lot of content, but none of it is great. Freddy Krueger is an iconic character, but both his power and perks fall short, failing to find their footing in terms of gameplay. Quentin Smith, the survivor from this chapter, also has no powerful perks to speak of. It's interesting that this chapter came with a new map with lots of variations, but that's really all it has going for it.

23 - Hour Of The Witch

mikaela reid hour of the witch dlc
Mikaela Reid comes with two boon perks, which can be game-changing for survivors. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Hour of the Witch was a half-chapter DLC published after the Hellraiser DLC. While the Hellraiser DLC only featured one killer, Pinhead, the Hour of the Witch DLConly included one survivor, Mikaela Reid. While purchasing one survivor isn't a great deal most of the time, resulting in Hour of the Witch ending up pretty low on our list, her perks are better than most others. Her boons switched up the survivor meta entirely and can win you games if you use them efficiently.

22 - Saw

saw dead by daylight amanda young the pig
While Saw is an interesting licensed DLC, The Pig's power isn't strong. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Saw DLC is anaverage licensed DLC, with some awesome pluses and some pretty awful drawbacks. The Pig is one of the weakest killers in the game, and her perks leave much to be desired, though Surveillance can be used on many killers and in some strong builds.

Detective Tapp's Detective Hunch is a great perk for beginners and veterans alike, and both his Tenacity and Stake Out can be used in various situations. Overall, if you have your eye on the Saw chapter, buy it because you love the franchise or you love Detective Tapp's perks.

21 - Leatherface

dead by daylight leatherface bubba
Leatherface is a strong killer, but the Leatherface chapter doesn't come with its own killer or survivor. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

This chapter only includes one killer, Leatherface, and no new map or survivor. Bubba is a fun and powerful killer, given that he can down survivors in one rapid hit using his chainsaw. His perks are also quite strong, with BBQ & Chili going down in infamy as one of the most-used and most powerful meta perks of all time, even after the Bloodpoint bonus was removed. Not only is Leatherface a perfect killer for those who love the Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise, but this killer is also just overall fun to play. This chapter would probably rank much higher if it came with its own survivor or map.

20 - Of Flesh And Mud

hag dead by daylight of flesh and mud
The Hag is one of the community's most disliked killers. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Of Flesh And Mud comes with the killer The Hag, survivor Ace Visconti, and the new Backwater Swamp map. The Hag is one of the most hated killers in the game, as she's extremely challenging to learn but equally hard to go against for beginner survivors. She moves very slowly and must rely solely on her traps instead of chasing survivors, meaning that she doesn't play like any other killer.

Ace Visconti's perks are not a part of the meta by any means, but they can be used for some fun plays and have a niche fanbase of their own.

The Backwater Swamp map is loved by some and hated by others; it's arguably one of the most visually appealing and interesting maps in the game, but some of the loops - particularly those around the map's two ships - can be hard to learn and use effectively.

19 - A Spark Of Madness

doctor dead by daylight spark of madness
The Doctor can use his power to find survivors. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

A Spark Of Madness introduced The Doctor and Feng Min, two popular characters. In fact, Feng Min might just be one of themost popular survivors in the roster; many fans find her endearing, and her perks are pretty good, too. The Doctor's power allows him to find survivors easily, making him a great buy for beginners, and his perks can also help both newbies and veterans track their pesky opponents.

A Spark of Madness' map, Lery's Memorial Institute, is an indoor map that can prove challenging for even the best of killers. Overall, this chapter is definitely worth it for beginners, or for those who just love the iconic characters that come with it.

18 - Curtain Call

dead by daylight clown kate denson
Curtain Call featured The Clown and Kate Denson, both of which have powerul perks. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Curtain Call features The Clown as the new killer and Kate Denson as the survivor. The Clown's power is pretty uninteresting, and the relatively recent addition of the Afterpiece Antidote did not help. In short, he can slow survivors down... and speed himself up. Not the most fun game mechanic in the world.

Both his perks and Kate Denson's are a force to be reckoned with, though; Pop Goes The Weasel holds its place in the meta even after its nerf, and survivors can make some great and unique plays using Boil Over or Dance With Me. Curtain Call is a chapter that is most worth it for the characters' perks, but not much else.

17 - Chains of Hate

deathslinger chains of hate
The DLC's Dead Dawg Saloon map is strong for killers, but The Deathslinger is weak in his current state. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Fans got to meet the new killer The Deathslinger and new survivor Zarina Kassir in the Chains of Hate DLC. The Deathslinger is one of the game's weaker killers, as he's slower than most killers and his ability to spear survivors does little to compensate. His perks are excellent, though, with Dead Man's Switch and Gearhead allowing for massive generator slowdown.

Most of Zarina Kassir's perks are not worth it, but Off the Record has become a mainstay in the meta since July's major perk changes, when it was buffed. It's also worth noting that the Dead Dawg Saloon map that came with this DLC is notorious for being an excellent map for killers.

Overall, Chains of Hate is a fairly well-rounded chapter; though The Deathslinger is fairly weak,  his power is fun and familiar for fans of shooters, and both included characters boast great perks.

16 - Portrait Of A Murder

artist dead by daylight portrait of a murder
The Artist's Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance is arguably the best perk in Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Portrait of a Murder includes The Artist, Jonah Vasquez, and a new map, Eyrie of Crows. The Artist's ability, while somewhat strong against newer players, can easily be countered by experienced survivors and does not bring a lot to the game in terms of new mechanics. Her perks, though, are absolutely stellar; Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance might just be the best perk in the game, and Hex: Pentimento can be strong when used in certain Hex builds.

Jonah Vasquez, on the other hand, does not have particularly strong perks, but Corrective Action might be helpful for newbies. Overall, this chapter is pretty lackluster, but you should buy it if having the best killer perks is important to you.

15 - Descend Beyond

blight dead by daylight
The Blight is a great killer, but Felix Richter is a lackluster survivor. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Descend Beyond DLC includes a new killer, The Blight, and new survivor, Felix Richter. The Blight is one of the strongest killers in the game, though he is not easy for beginners to pick up. His perks are also quite strong, notably Hex: Blood Favor, which blocks pallets and prevents survivors from escaping.

The Blight's lore also helped shape the game, with various challenges and other aspects of lore tying into The Blight's past.

None of Felix Richter's perks are particularly useful, though; which is the reason for this chapter ranking where it does. If you buy this chapter, do it for The Blight, not for Felix or his perks.

14 - Sadako Rising

dead by daylight the onryo sadako yamamura
Sadako Rising features Ringu's Sadako Yamamura, also known as The Onryo. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Sadako Rising is Dead by Daylight's collaboration with the iconic Japanese horror movie Ringu, introducing The Onryo, also known as Sadako Yamamura, and an aged-up Yoichi Asakawa into the Fog.

The Onryo isn't a strong killer, and cannot do well in loops. Her perks vary in strength, with Merciless Storm being all but useless against good survivors and Call of Brine being one of the strongest perks in the game. Yoichi Asakawa's perks also vary in usability; Parental Guidance can win you games, but Empathic Connection isn't great.

Sadako Rising isn't an incredible chapter, and it falls short of other licensed collaborations.

13 - Forged in Fog

the knight dead by daylight
Forged in Fog introduces interesting new mechanics, but its characters don't stand out. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Forged in Fog is Dead by Daylight's newest chapter, and it has earned a resounding 'meh' from the game's community. While The Knight's Guardia Compagnia ability is intriguing and adds some versatility to the roster, it just isn't strong, and survivors can easily avoid The Knight's guards. His perks are just above average, with experienced killers easily finding value in Nowhere to Hide and Hubris.

Vittorio Toscano's perks aren't quite as good as The Knight's, but experienced survivors can likely get value from Fogwise, which will show the killer's aura after you complete a great skill check.

12 - The Last Breath

nurse dead by daylight
The Nurse's power circumvents typical gameplay mechanics. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Last Breath chapter features The Nurse and Nea Karlsson, two characters that fans have come to love... and, for some, hate. The Nurse is widely regarded as the strongest killer in the game, but she is incredibly hard to learn, as her power circumvents typical gameplay mechanics. Her perks are strong, with A Nurse's Calling allowing you to locate survivors easily.

Nea Karlson's perks are also quite good overall, with Balanced Landing being a great Exhaustion perk. The Last Breath isn't the best chapter in the game, but it has a lot of strong points going for it.

11 - Demise of The Faithful

Demise of The Faithful introduced The Plague and Jane Romero, as well as a new map, the Temple of Purgation. The Plague's power allows you to infect survivors directly, as well as infecting environmental objects to ultimately worsen the plague. She is definitely one of the most unique killers in the game, and her perks are strong, too.

Jane Romero's Head On is a fun perk to play with in some builds, but her perks overall aren't the best. Demise of The Faithful stands out thanks to The Plague's power, its gorgeous map, and memorable perks.

10 - Roots of Dread

dredge dead by daylight
Roots of Dread featured a new killer, a new survivor, and a new map, the Garden of Joy. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Roots of Dread chapter introduced The Dredge, Haddie Kaur, and a new map, Garden of Joy. Fans had been asking for a killer that can enter and exit lockers for a long time, and The Dredge answered their prayers. The Nightfall mechanic is also very interesting and unique, making The Dredge stand out from other killers.

The survivor for this chapter, Haddie Kaur, boasts some fun perks, notably Residual Manifest, which inflicts the Blindness status effect on the killer when they are blinded with a flashlight. If you're tired of the typical Dead by Daylight gameplay and want a taste of something new, this is the chapter for you.

9 - Shattered Bloodlines

spirit dead by dalyight shattered bloodlines
Shattered Bloodlines introduced various new mechanics to Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Offering a dive into Japanese horror, Dead by Daylight's Shattered Bloodlines chapter included The Spirit, Adam Francis, and a new map, Family Residence. The Spirit was once arguably the most powerful killer in the game, but after recent nerfs to her power, she no longer holds that title; still, she is strong in the right hands. Her perks are versatile and can be used in various builds; it cannot be understated that Rancor allows you to kill even a healthy survivor.

Adam Francis' perks don't stand out as much as The Spirit's, but his Deliverance, which allows a survivor to unhook themselves, is iconic for a reason.

Overall, Shattered Bloodlines introduced so many new mechanics to the game that it has to make our top ten.

8 - Cursed Legacy

dead by daylight the oni
The Oni's power allows him to win in almost any scenario. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Cursed Legacy features The Oni, Yui Kimura, and the Sanctum of Wrath map. The Oni is not only a visually striking killer, but he is also powerful, too; he is one of the few killers that can win in almost any scenario if the player plays him well.

Yui Kimura's perks are fun to play with while remaining powerful and versatile; Breakout can help you rescue teammates, for example, while Lucky Break allows you to evade the killer. The Sanctum of Wrath map fits the chapter's edgy aesthetic perfectly and is overall balanced in terms of gameplay. Cursed Legacy was an excellent addition to Dead by Daylight, and leveled up the game in almost every way.

7 - Halloween

dead by daylight myers halloween
Halloween was Dead by Daylight's first ever licensed collaboration. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Halloween was Dead by Daylight's first licensed chapter, but it remains one of the best. Michael Myers' power might not be strong, but his Stalk mechanic brought new elements of stealth gameplay to the game that still impact new killers today.

On the survivor side, some of Laurie Strode's perks are well-known by survivors as powerful and important parts of the meta - take a look at Decisive Strike, for example, which essentially gives survivors an extra chance when they are tunneled. 

The Haddonfield map that came with this chapter was recently reworked; while it was once infamous for being heavily survivor-sided, it is now arguably one of the prettiest and most balanced realms in the game.

6 - Resident Evil Project W

dead by daylight project w wesker
Dead by Daylight: Project W is the game's second Resident Evil collaboration. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Resident Evil: Project W was Dead by Daylight's second venture into the Resident Evil universe, bringing Albert Wesker, Rebecca Chambers, and Ada Wong into the game's roster. This chapter comes with three characters rather than just two, meaning you'll get nine perks with your purchase.

The perks included are truly interesting, too, bringing new mechanics to the game and altering existing ones; Ada Wong's Wiretap allows you to see the killer's aura after they kick a generator, while Rebecca Chambers' Reassurance slows down a survivor's death timer on the hook, countering camping.

This chapter not only features iconic characters, but The Mastermind's ability will appeal to beginners and veterans alike, as designers intended it to be accessible, easy to learn, and fun for all players. Whether you're a diehard Resident Evil fan or just a Dead by Daylight fan wondering which characters are best to play, this chapter is a good choice. It offers versatile options for gameplay with its perks, and Albert Wesker is a killer that almost everyone will love.

5 - All-Kill

trickster dead by daylight all kill
All-Kill introduced The Trickster and Yun-Jin Lee to the Fog. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

All-Kill is definitely one of Dead by Daylight's top five chapters so far. It does a lot of things right: it has a great aesthetic that brought in a new audience (hello, K-pop fans), it includes incredible perks like The Trickster's No Way Out, Crowd Control, and Starstruck, as well as Yun-Jin Lee's three teachables; and its characters boast intriguing backstories. We only wish that this chapter came with its own map - perhaps a neon stage or a backstage area for The Trickster - and it just might rank #1.

4 - A Lullaby For The Dark

huntress dead by daylight a lullaby for the dark
The Huntress is one of Dead by Daylight's most iconic killers. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Huntress is one of Dead by Daylight's earliest additions to the killer roster, and she is absolutely still one of the game's most iconic killers. The Huntress' ability to down survivors with her Hunting Hatchets is not only fun but useful, and she has some of the most interesting lore in the game.

Her perks leave something to be desired, but the same cannot be said for the survivor that comes with this chapter, David King. His perks - notably Dead Hard - have long been a part of the game's meta, and some players even consider them necessary to win games at high ranks even after the perk's nerf.

3 - Resident Evil

nemesis dead by daylight
Before Resident Evil's Wesker came into the Fog with Project W, The Nemesis is the killer in the first Resident Evil chapter. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Resident Evil chapter drew in one of the greatest influxes of players since Dead by Daylight's inception, and its popularity is for good reason. This chapter introduced multiple iconic Resident Evil survivors - including Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine, along with even more characters as skins - as well as The Nemesis as the killer.

The Nemesis' viral ability is interesting and useful, and his perks, particularly Lethal Pursuer, can be used in countless builds. Both Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine have fun and unique perks of their own, notably Flashbang and Blast Mine respectively.

This chapter also introduced the Raccoon City Police Station Map, a gorgeous and accurate rendition of the map from the Resident Evil games.

Even if you aren't a fan of the franchise, the Resident Evil chapter is worth buying just for the abundance of great content. You get three characters, all of which come with three perks each, a new map, and a charm. 

2 - Silent Hill

silent hill dead by daylight pyramid head
The Silent Hill chapter introduced Pyramid Head as the killer and Cheryl Mason as the survivor. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's Silent Hill chapter is definitely an example of a licensed chapter done right. This chapter takes some of the most iconic characters in Silent Hill - Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason - and brings them into the Fog, providing a horrifyingly accurate rendition of each. The map that came with the chapter, Midwich Elementary, is also visually striking and accurate to its source.

Pyramid Head's power and perks alone make the 'Silent Hill' DLC worth purchasing for gameplay purposes, but if you're a fan of the Silent Hill franchise, this one is a no-brainer on all fronts.

1 - Darkness Among Us

legion dead by daylight darkness among us
Darkness Among Us introduced The Legion, a killer that is actually four in one. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Darkness Among Us tops our list as the best DLC to buy as it comes with a great killer, survivor, and map. The DLC's killer, The Legion, is not just one killer but a group of four teenagers out for blood. Their perks, especially Discordance, are incredibly powerful and can be used in a wide variety of builds.

Jeff Johansen is not only an interesting character in regard to his lore, but he also has some great perks that were buffed recently - most notably, Distortion. Mount Ormond Resort, the map that comes with this chapter, is also visually gorgeous and has lots of unique loops to try out.

Overall, this chapter showcases the best that Dead by Daylight has to offer in regard to lore, characters, perks and maps, making it our #1 choice.

Which Dead By Daylight DLCs Are Best To Buy?

Overall, we think that the best DLCs to buy are Darkness Among Us, Resident Evil and Silent Hill overall. These DLCs have the most interesting characters, perks, and maps.

If you're interested in any of the game's licenses, all of the game's licensed chapters are great choices, save for perhaps those that only include one character such as Ghost Face.

That's all you need to know about which Dead by Daylight DLCs are best for you to buy, as well as why we like and dislike each one.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.

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