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How To Track Dead By Daylight Stats

If you're wondering how to track your stats in Dead by Daylight, you're in luck. We'll explain how to track your kill rate, escape rate, and more in this article.
How To Track Dead By Daylight Stats

Many Dead by Daylight players want to track important information about their gameplay stats, from their kill rate to escape rate. But Dead by Daylight doesn't provide these statistics directly to players - so you'll have to get creative and use other resources if you want to track your stats in Dead by Daylight.

Thankfully, many fan developers have created platforms to help players keep track of their data. Here's how to track your stats in Dead by Daylight, including your kill rate, escape rate, and most-used perks.

How To Track Dead By Daylight Stats

These platforms will help you track your Dead by Daylight statistics, so you can save your favourite games, check on your improvements, and share them with friends.


nightlight gg dead by daylight stats tracker
Nightlight allows you to track numerous stats, from your kill rate to escape rate. (Picture: NightLight)

NightLight.GG is an unofficial Dead by Daylight stats tracking platform with a plethora of useful stat tracking features. To use NightLight and start tracking your next match, all you have to do is take an uncropped screenshot of your end-game screen, showing the perks of all players in the match.

Then, you'll upload it to the platform, and Nightlight's AI will scan the icons, saving the match's data for you.

You'll be able to reference all of your past matches if you save them this way, referencing your own and other players' perks, offerings, add-ons, as well as the result of the match. The platform aggregates data on your matches, including your kill rate, escape rate, number of times you've played or seen each killer, and the number of times you've seen other players bring each perk.

You can upload screenshots in bulk if you'd like to upload them en masse after a long gaming session.

Because it works based on screenshots, NightLight works with all platforms. NightLight also allows you to share your stats with other players on the platform, and instantly apply matches to their profiles if you tag them in a match.

DBD Stats

DBD stats dead by daylight stat tracker
DBD Stats tracks your Adept progress, including the number of times you've achieved each adept. (Picture: DBD Stats)

Unlike Nightlight.GG, you won't need to upload a screenshot for each match using DBD Stats, nor will you need to make an account to access your stats.

Instead, the platform automatically tracks your stats. Simply go to the website, input your Steam name, and you'll be able to see all of your historical Dead by Daylight data. You can also see other players' data if their profiles are public.

You can see information such as number of killer ability actions for each killer (think hatchets thrown, Blink attacks, Unlock attacks, etc), number of downs with each killer, and the number of times you've escaped each match. 

It also includes a nice visual indicator of your Adept progress and other achievements. It doesn't show percentages like your kill rate or escape rate, though, like NightLight.

Note that DBD Stats only works with Steam - and your profile needs to be public - but it's a great resource for those who play on PC.

Which DBD Stat Tracker Should I Use?

dead by daylight stats tracker
Choosing a Dead by Daylight stats tracker depends on your needs and your platform. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

If you're choosing between DBD Stats and NightLight, there are a few things to consider. DBD Stats is best for tracking specific statistics - such as trial actions like chests opened, hatchets thrown, or survivors hooked in the basement.

NightLight is better for tracking your gameplay match-by-match and looking at the aggregated statistics, such as your overall kill rate or escape rate. Note that it also allows you to see each match individually, unlike DBD Stats.

If you're not on Steam, you'll need to go with NightLight, since DBD Stats is only available on Steam. If you're on Steam, you can always check your data on DBD Stats and use NightLight simultaneously.

And that's all. Now you know where to go to track all of your Dead by Daylight statistics and save your favourite matches.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.