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SonicFox officially cuts ties with Echo Fox

Dominique “SonicFox” McLean has announced their official departure from Echo Fox, after a wave of players left the organisation.
  • SonicFox has officially departed organisation Echo Fox
  • Echo Fox was disbanded late last year following legal disputes
  • Players have slowly announced their separation from the organisation since
  • The US player, who has won numerous major championship titles across Mortal Kombat and Dragon Ball FighterZ, has become a free agent after leaving organisation Echo Fox.

    Making the announcement on Twitter, SonicFox wrote: “Announcing my official departure from Echo Fox! Had a lot of good runs with the team and it changed my life!

    “Looking forward to the future and new opportunities! Expect new announcements soon.”

    It’s perhaps more surprising this announcement hasn’t happened sooner. Echo Fox was reported to have disbanded in November last year following a legal dispute between investors and the company’s founder, former NBA star Rick Fox.

    The legal drama led to Echo Fox’s League Of Legends team to pull out of the LCS, before terminating the player’s contracts altogether.

    Amid the company’s downfall, players across other titles have gradually declared their split from the organisation; with Smash player Mew2King leaving on 31st January 2020 and Dragon Ball FighterZ player dekillsage earlier that same month.

    Most recently, Smash Ultimate player Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez officially left the organisation ahead of Frostbite 2020 - later going onto win the tournament Byleth-style.

    Considering SonicFox is one of the biggest names in the FGC, it likely won’t be long until they're snapped up by another organisation (if they haven’t already, of course).