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The top 10 highest earners in UK esports

The top 10 highest earners in UK esports

There's one thing that unites us all as fans of esports: our interest in the earnings of our favourite players. Below, we've listed the top 10 highest earning UK players according to Esports Earnings.

10. Rhys "Rated" Price – $175,914.12

With the largest portion of his money coming in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Rated has made himself one of the mainstays at the top of the Call of Duty scene. Don't expect this to change any time soon.

9. Joshua-Lee "Joshh" Shephard – $178,508.64

Joshh is a veteran of the Call of Duty scene, having made his competitive debut at ECL 2 during the original Black Ops season in 2011. Once upon a time the UK's highest earner, Joshh's career has started to slow down and the young guns have started to overtake him.

8. Joe "Joee" Pinnington – $183,936.02

You may be starting to notice a pattern here... Call of Duty is one of the biggest esports in the UK in terms of high-level competition. Rated's duo, his teammate of around four years, has actually earned slightly more than him, just a little bit closer to the $200,000 mark.

7. Trei "Zer0" Morris – $191,696.23

The only European MVP since the induction of the Call of Duty World League, Zer0 has made a quick rise up the ranks with some excellent placements on an international scale. Expect to see him push up the list in the coming years.

6. Dylan "Madcat" Daly – $193,711.47

Another Call of Duty veteran, Madcat also seems to be teetering towards the end of his career. Still a very talented player, Madcat's stock has slowly started to drop and I doubt this figure will see a sizeable increase any time soon.

5. Ben "Bance" Bance – $213,742.44

At one point, Bance was viewed as the golden child of European Call of Duty: a young player that was constantly clogging up the killfeed. He's had a rough couple of years in terms of placement, but at his best Bance is one of the best in the world.

4. Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt – $234,000.00

Tekkz is the most accomplished FIFA player in recent history, winning multiple championships this season and nearly 90% of his total earnings being from FIFA 19. Expect this number to rise a lot as the end of the season approaches, especially with the FIFA eWorld Cup offering a greater prize pool.

3. Joshua "Snitch" Bennett – $238,798.57

Snitch was a Heroes of the Storm pro

2. Craig "iRaffer" Rathbone – $251,575.00

1. Spencer "Gorilla" Ealing – $323,696.96

Of course, expect to see some movement here over the coming months: with Joshh and Madcat's current situations, we'll likely see their fellow CoD players overtake them in the standings. And if Tekkz carries on the way he has been... Well, he could be the UK's highest earning player by the time he turns 18.