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Best Julie Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here's Julie's best builds in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
Best Julie Builds In Texas Chain Saw Massacre
(Picture: Gun Media)

Every Victim in Texas Chain Saw Massacre has their own unique ability; some involve impressive stealth, while others help teammates directly attack killers. Julie's power is more the former; she relies on Stealth to help her avoid tracking from Family members and can provide great assists to her team while remaining largely undetected as a result.

Here's Julie's best build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, using the optimal perks and attributes on your skill tree for this Victim.

Best Julie Build In Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Julie's ability prevents Slaughter Family members from tracking her at certain times and increases her Stamina. While this doesn't pack as much of a punch as some other characters' abilities, like, say, Leland - it's still pretty useful in the right hands, especially with the help of perks and good allocation of skill points to ideal attributes.

Best Perks For Julie

  • Best: Knock Knock

Knock Knock gives you the boost you need at the start of the game, highlighting all of the basement's exits after you get out of your restraints. It's a great pick for Julie, who can escape the basement quickly and then do her best to remain undetected.

  • Strong: Must Have Been The Wind, Conditioned

Conditioned helps Julie's Stamina regenerate more quickly; Julie already has pretty strong Stamina, so this can bolster that stat even further and help her remain resilient. Must Have Been The Wind allows Julie to traverse certain areas without making any noise or altering killers, helping her maintain her stealth at all times. Combining this with a high Stealth stat can help you stay hidden for as long as possible.

julie texas chain saw massacre
Julie does best when she maintains stealth. (Picture: Gun Media)

Best Attributes For Julie

  • Strength, Stealth

Strength works well on Julie since it isn't one of her innate strong points; with a little help to this stat, she becomes a much more well-rounded character who can handle a wider array of situations. Aside from allocating some points to that Strength stat, we recommend spending some on Stealth; even with high Strength, Julie can't always stand up to Family members, so it's best to avoid them altogether if at all possible.

Julie Skill Tree

Julie's ability allows her to avoid Family Members, so it's important to recharge it as quickly and as often as possible; the Increased Duration options in the skill tree allow you to do just that. From there, head to the middle of the skill tree to grab Decreased Sprint Stamina, which will allow you to run and stay on the move while your ability is active.

  • Level One: Increased Duration
    • Ability lasts for 12 seconds.
  • Level Two: Increased Duration
    • Ability lasts for 15 seconds.
  • Level Three: Decreased Sprint Stamina Consumption
    • Running stamina consumption is reduced by 100% when ability is active.

That's it for the best Julie builds in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. While Julie plays best with a stealth playstyle, you can adjust her stats to help her out in other areas.